Invitation to hear about local matters at the Newquay and St Columb Community Network Panel meeting

Residents of the Newquay and St Columb Community Network area are being invited to attend the October meeting of the Newquay and St Columb Community Network Panel. Items on the agenda include local matters and Local Insight; a community mapping tool which provides information about local communities.

The Network Panel meeting will take place on Thursday 5 October 2017 between 7pm and 9pm in the St Wenn Women’s Institute Hall, St Wenn, PL30 5PS.

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Rebecca Cohen, an Information Analyst at Cornwall Council, will be presenting the Local Insight information which includes details about housing, education attainment, health and well-being, and crime in the Newquay and St Columb network area. This information will give the panel a better picture of what their community looks like to help them decide priorities for the network area and shape future panel meetings.

Town and parish councils will be invited to say how their Neighbourhood plan is progressing. Neighbourhood planning involves communities working together with their parish council to say where they think new houses and businesses should go, and what they should look like.

There will be a briefing on Cornwall Council’s Cabinet decision on 6 September to strengthen engagement with local communities and give them a greater voice through Community Network Panels. This includes empowering panels by giving them more of a say on important local issues.

In addition Phil Mason, Service Director for Planning and Sustainable Development will be coming along. Each Community Network Panel now has one of the Directors from Cornwall Council’s Leadership Team on the panel. As the representative for Newquay and St Columb, Phil will explain how he’ll support the network panel including helping to progress any local concerns.

At the meeting there will be an opportunity for local residents to ask any questions they may have.

St Mawgan and Colan Cornwall Councillor John Fitter and Chair of the Newquay and St Columb Community Network Panel said: “Everyone is invited to attend the meeting of the Newquay and St Columb Community Network Panel. These panel meetings are an important way for local residents to find out more about what’s happening in their local community and to have a say. I strongly encourage people to come along and find out more.”

The Newquay and St Columb Network Panel meets quarterly to discuss matters that affect the local area. They progress these by working in partnership with Cornwall Council and its partners; including town & parish councils, the voluntary and community sector, and the police and health services. Some of the areas that community networks focus on include anti-social behaviour, economic development, the environment, community planning, regeneration, conservation, community safety, transport and highway issues.

The Newquay and St Columb Community Network Panel includes all seven Cornwall Councillors for the area and representatives of the five Towns or Parish parishes in the community network: Colan Parish Council, Mawgan-in-Pydar Parish Council, Newquay Town Council, St Columb Major Town Council and St Wenn Parish Council.

More information about the Community Network Panels and dates for future meetings can be found on the Cornwall Council Community Networks webpage. 

Posted 29 September 2017