Local community set to benefit from improvements to Trenance Lake

Local people and visitors to Newquay will soon have a better looking Trenance Park as Cornwall Council have started works to remove the silt from part of Trenance Lake and improve the current design.

Cornwall Council invested in Trenance natural play area last year and is now investing in the lake to provide a longer term solution to the sediment build up and improve the natural habitat and environment for residents and visitors.

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To ensure disturbance to wildlife is minimised and to ensure best practice Cornwall Council is liaising with the Environment Agency.

Trenance Lake is currently three connected lakes, the boating lake, and smaller central and upper lake. The central area, which has two small islands and has been silting up, will be drained and the silt removed.

The two small islands will be rebuilt into one larger island by using some of the extracted silt and infilling the area between the two islands.

As the new island will be larger it will improve the flow of water in the lake and provide a safe nesting area for wild fowl. The lake around the Island will be deeper once the silt is removed creating a better environment for fish to thrive, which include Brown Trout.

Silt will be left on the edge of the lake for 48 hours so that the eels can crawl back into the lake. Other fish will be captured and transferred straight from the middle pond into the lower pond.

Local Cornwall Councillor Olly Monk said: “This is great news - Trenance is already really popular with both local people and visitors. Trenance Lake will be more attractive and the improved environment will help encourage more wildlife to thrive and more people to visit.”

During the works and over the festive period the public can still access the boating lake.

Certain sections of the central lake will be fenced off from Trenance gardens and heavy machinery will be used to remove the silt and create the island. The silt that is not required at Trenance will be re-used by Imerys on their reclamation sites in the China Clay area.

Works will continue throughout December and the works are scheduled to be completed by the early part of the New Year.

Posted 4 December 2017