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Cornwall Council Family of Businesses

In addition to the four directorates a number of alternative service delivery organisations exist, collectively known as Cornwall Business Group, to deliver some Council services:

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Website: Corserv website

CORSERV is a new company established by Cornwall Council to provide strategic direction and oversight for its existing arm’s length and commercial trading companies: CORMAC Solutions Ltd, Cornwall Airport, Cornwall Housing, Cornwall Development Company and our Nottinghamshire joint venture company, Via East Midlands Limited. In addition the company will fulfil a number of key roles:

  • develop capacity to deliver a range of back office services to the group of Companies and further support for business growth and development with other potential partners
  • ensure that all the companies are committed to growing the economy of Cornwall through an efficient and commercial approach

Cornwall Housing

Nick Cross,
Managing Director

Website: Cornwall Housing Ltd

Cornwall Housing Ltd is a company wholly owned by Cornwall Council and is charged with managing and maintaining the 10,500 council houses in mid and east Cornwall. The company looks after about 300 leaseholders on behalf of the Council and manages council-owned garages, shops and land in neighbourhoods with council housing. Cornwall Housing Ltd owns 56 homes for social rent that it recently built.

Cornwall Housing Ltd also deliver the Homechoice and Housing Options and Advice service for the council. Any profits made by the company are spent on improving housing in our district. The company's main objectives are:

  • Achieving the Cornish Housing Standard and maintaining our homes
  • Creating new homes
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Excellent housing services
  • Good governance and tenant involvement


Website: Cormac

CORMAC consists of two companies – CORMAC Solutions Ltd and CORMAC Contracting Ltd. They are wholly owned by Cornwall Council and are designed to deliver value-added services for the Council and to trade in the open marketplace to generate a sustainable financial return to the Council.

CORMAC Solutions Ltd provides services to Cornwall Council and its partners. The company's purpose is to enhance local communities by delivering innovative services which create a better local environment and contribute to sustainable economic growth, whilst facilitating resilient, self-sufficient and safer communities.

CORMAC Contracting Ltd is a trading company which acts as a vehicle for private sector growth. Its purpose is to generate revenues by winning work in a competitive environment and partnering with other public or private sector companies to deliver cost effective and sustainable solutions to complex engineering challenges.

Cornwall Development Company

Mike King
Managing Director

Website: Cornwall Development Company

The Cornwall Development Company is an arms length economic development company of Cornwall Council which has been charged with delivering economic priorities and solutions on behalf of the Council. The company has a number of key roles:

  • Place based and community regeneration and major projects
  • Development of digital communication access (Superfast Cornwall)
  • Workspace development and management
  • Engagement with business and provision of business services and investment
  • Inward investment services (Invest in Cornwall)
  • Project, programme and fund management

Cornwall Airport Ltd

Alan Titterington,
Managing Director

Website: Cornwall Airport Ltd

Cornwall Airport Newquay is owned by Cornwall Council and managed by Cornwall Airport Limited (CAL), a Private Limited Company, wholly owned by Cornwall Council.
CAL is responsible for all airport operations including CAA licensing, Customer services, Commercial development, Route development and Marketing. CAL is working closely with its sister organisation, Cornwall Development Company (CDC), another wholly owned Company of Cornwall Council in marketing and the development of the Airport's huge estate. The company's strategic objectives are:

  • The adoption of a revised business strategy which will focus on diversifying the business in to other aviation market sectors
  • Route development and maintenance of the existing route network
  • Marketing of airport asset to potential tenants
  • Improved customer experience
  • New Company vision, values and culture
  • Continual change and improvement in efficiency
  • Maintained safety and security awareness
  • Raise region's awareness and installing pride in the airport as a strategic asset Newquay Cornwall Airport is a member of the Strategic Aviation Special Interest

Via East Midlands

Doug Coutts
Managing Director

Website: Via East Midlands

Via East Midlands provides highways and fleet management services in Nottinghamshire. The company was set up in partnership between Nottinghamshire County Council and Cornwall Council.

The organisation became fully operational in July 2016 and is supported by CORSERV (a company owned by Cornwall Council) and Nottinghamshire County Council. It is based in existing Nottinghamshire County Council highways buildings.

Via is wholly owned by the public sector.

This innovative arrangement allows the work to be managed differently to meet budget challenges and enhance commercial opportunities. The contract is for ten years and can be extended for five years.

Via carry out a range of highways and fleet management services on behalf of the council. It can also trade commercially to gain work of up to 20% of its turnover.

Careers South West

Website: Careers South West

Careers South West is publicly accountable to the community through the organisations that are its corporate members. The Company is wholly owned and controlled by four local authority corporate members:

  • Cornwall Council
  • Devon County Council
  • Plymouth City Council
  • Torbay Council

The primary objective of Careers South West is to develop, co-ordinate, operate and ensure provision of support services for young people and to provide careers advice, information and guidance services to people of all ages.