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Visits from the Lord Lieutenant

Lord-Lieutenant visits the Miners and Mechanics Institute at St Agnes

The Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall is Her Majesty The Queen’s representative and should be afforded the same degree of etiquette and protocol as a member of the Royal Family. 

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The following information is offered as a guidline to help your event or visit run as smoothly as possible.

The Lord Lieutenant is delighted to receive invitations to attend events. He tries to respond to such invitations as quickly as possible. On occasions, especially if the invitation is a long way ahead, he may not be able to give you a reply for some time, or not a definite one. If he is unable to attend, depending on the event, he may invite a Deputy Lieutenant to represent the Lieutenancy.

Its really helpful for the Lord-Lieutenant, or his representative, to receive an outline of the event and what will happen at least ten days in advance of the visit.  It would be helpful if you could answer the following questions:

  • Programme and timings - please provide a programme for the event with details of timings and who else will be attending.  When would you like the Lord-Lieutenant to arrive?

  • Directions - is the location of the event easy to find?  If not please give any special directions in the invitation. 

  • Parking - will a parking space be provided at the location? If not, please advise where best for the Lord-Lieutenant to park. 

  • Contact telephone details - please supply the mobile telephone number of someone who will be able to answer it at the time of the event, in case of unexpected delay due to traffic or other problems.

  • Order of dress - what is the order of dress for the event? Depending on the type of event it is, the Lord-Lieutenant may wear uniform, morning dress, a suit or more casual clothing. He is open to suggestions as to what would be the most appropriate order of dress.

  • Speeches - would you like the Lord-Lieutenant to make a speech during the visit? If so, please provide details of length of speech, any particular topics you would like covered or people thanked, and whether other people will also be speaking.

For church services, other than funerals, the Lord-Lieutenant or his representative enters last and leaves first, with the congregation standing and should be accompanied throughout by a senior figure. The usual arrangement is for the Lord-Lieutenant to be seated at the front of the nave on the south side.

At funerals, the Lord-Lieutenant or his representative always enters the church last (before the family) and always leaves straight after the family. If the family is on the south side, the Lord-Lieutenant sits on the north side at the front and on the aisle edge.

Unless a member of the Royal Family is present, the Lord-Lieutenant, as The Queen’s Representative, takes the salute at any march past during any official engagement he is attending.

At all services of remembrance the Lord-Lieutenant attends where wreaths are to be laid, as The Queen’s Representative he should lay the first wreath.

At other functions the Lord-Lieutenant or his representative should be seated in the same place as one would seat a member of the Royal Family; simply as the principal guest.

The correct form of address for the Lord-Lieutenant is as follows:

  • Written: Colonel E T Bolitho OBE, Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall
  • Salutation: Dear Lord-Lieutenant
  • In a speech: In a preamble the Lord-Lieutenant should be referred to as “Lord-Lieutenant”
  • In conversation: Colonel Bolitho should be initially addressed as “Lord-Lieutenant”.

Should the Lord-Lieutenant be represented by his Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy Lieutenant at a formal occasion, the above etiquette should be adapted accordingly i.e. ‘Dear Vice Lord-Lieutenant’, ‘Dear Deputy Lieutenant’.