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You can use the online planning register to search for, view and comment on current planning applications and supporting plans and documents. You can also set up alerts for planning applications in your area.

Please see our online planning register

Whatever you are proposing, we can help you to cut through the red tape. We offer a number of advice services for developers, applicants and agents seeking advice either before making an application, or a supported service during the processing of an application.

View our planning advice and guidance information

You can use the Planning Portal or iApply to submit and pay for your application online.

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With all building work, the owner of the property or land is responsible for meeting the relevant planning rules and building regulations.

If you are unsure about the differences between Planning Permission and Building Regulations Consent, the Planning Portal have prepared the following guide that explains: What is the difference between Building Regulations and Planning Permission?

Or you can view our guidance about planning consent or building regulations

Within the planning service there are a number of teams who deal with different areas of planning. If you have a specific enquiry you can find out which team deals with it and how you can contact them. Please see our planning team information page

If you would like to contact a case officer and are finding it difficult to get in touch with a specific officer, please contact the Customer Relations Team either by e-mailing where one of the team will be able to assist you further with your query.

Cornwall Council has the power to protect trees and woodlands enjoyed by member of the public where they are considered to be at risk. You can find out about the following things by using out information on trees page.

  • Identify protected trees
  • Apply for consent or give notice to work on protected trees
  • Trees in conservation areas
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • New Tree Preservation Orders
  • Dead and dangerous trees
  • Exemptions for statutory undertakers
  • Pests and diseases affecting trees
  • Trees and development sites
Please see our trees information page

There will be a delay in comments appearing online as any received via e-mail will need to be scanned/indexed and appropriately redacted (for data protection purposes); they are also checked for any inappropriate/defamatory comments.

Comments are occasionally received on pre-application enquiries; these will not appear on the website as it is pre-application stage only. Should a subsequent planning application be submitted there will be the usual consultation and publicity at which time comments will be published. Please note that comments previously received in relation to Pre-applications will not be published and they will need to be resubmitted to the relevant live planning application.

There are very few submissions which are not viewable on the website e.g. confidential pre-applications, Certificate of Appropriate Alternative Development (Change of Use).

Find out whether your home improvement or large scale commercial project needs planning permission or building regulations approval. Use our common projects and interactive guides to find out about permitted development limits or explore our in-depth guidance to understand about what you need to consider at each stage of your project.

View the planning portal interactive guides to permissions

If your query is still not answered you can try looking at our planning information or use the options below.