Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Coronavirus Funding Resources

Learn more about Coronavirus (COVID-19) funding resources. There is guidance here for charities and community groups seeking assistance. Additional information will be added as soon as it is known. Closing dates are included where known.

Grants Online is also providing a list of current COVID-19 funding. This is or will be available to various community groups and charities.

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Grants Resources Information News specialises in helping UK not-for-profit organisations secure the funding and resources they need, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Transformation Cornwall compile a list of funding sources for foodbanks, grassroot organisations and faith-based social action projects which is renewed weekly. 

National Lottery Community Fund - Emerging Futures fund with a short deadline

This is a newly-announced COVID-19 revival fund.  It is designed to help communities across the UK emerge from the coronavirus pandemic as lockdown eases. Grants of between £20,000 and £50,000 are available. Please note the application deadline is Thursday, 25 June.

Open to almost any VCSE groups. This fund is designed to help shape communities following the coronavirus pandemic.  This is done by finding responses to the following questions:

  • What the community wants to keep doing because it has been working well
  • What the community wants to leave behind as they start thinking about moving into recovery and renewal
  • Any new ideas that will help a community when it comes to rebuilding and renewal

Find out more on the National Lottery Community Fund website.

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This scheme is primarily intended to help the small, un-constituted groups who are supporting local communities through the coronavirus crisis. It is also intended to help groups whose funding is impacted by the coronavirus crisis. We recognise that these groups may often need a way to simply apply for small funds to support their work.

If you represent a group like this, please apply to your local Cornwall Councillor’s Community Chest fund in the first instance. They each have a fund of £2000.

Food Charities Grant Fund

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Fund is for front-line food aid charities in England and provides grants of up to £100,000 to help you continue to provide food to the vulnerable. You can apply for funding as a group of charities to meet the criteria for applications. Scheme will close on 6 July.

Home Office extraordinary funding for domestic abuse support services

The Home Office is allocating £2m of funding to charities with a national or regional presence. These are charities for which other domestic abuse-focused funding is not specifically designed. Deadline is 8 June.

Clinks COVID-19 Response Fund

The Clinks COVID-19 Response Fund is a Ministry of Justice/Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service COVID-19 funding programme. It is for charities and voluntary organisations in England and Wales with a proven track record of working in the criminal justice system. Grants of between £3,000 and £5,000 are available

The National Lottery Community Fund

Apply for funding during Covid-19 including the Coronavirus Community Support Fund. This is a £200m fund aimed primarily at small to medium organisations. Fund is part of the Government’s £750m financial support package for charities and social enterprises.

The England and Wales Cricket Board

The England and Wales Cricket Board offers emergency support programmes for the recreational game during the pandemic

The Performing Rights Society Foundation Sustaining Creativity Fund

In response to COVID-19, The Performing Rights Society Foundation Sustaining Creativity Fund is designed to support music creators in all genres who are experiencing hardship from a loss of work because of the coronavirus pandemic. Grants of up to £750 are available.

Heritage Emergency Fund

The Heritage Emergency Fund accepts applications for two grant levels:

  • £3,000 to £50,000
  • £50,000 to £250,000

This is to cover emergency costs during this difficult time.

The Art Fund Respond and Reimagine Grants

The Art Fund Respond and Reimagine Grants programme is offering between £10,000 and £50,000 for UK museums, galleries and cultural organisations to respond to challenges relating to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Cornwall Social Inclusion Fund

The Cornwall Social Inclusion Fund is helping to reduce loneliness and isolation in the community. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there is some flexibility around the current fund criteria. Projects that can contribute to tackling COVID-19 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Community groups are encouraged to come up with ideas on how to support vulnerable people who have to self-isolate.

The National Survivor User Network COVID-19 Response Fund

The National Survivor User Network COVID-19 Response Fund is offering grants up to £1,000. These are for user-led organisations and small non-constituted community groups in England. The funding is for activities that will make an immediate difference to the lives of people living with mental ill-health, trauma and distress during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

Persimmon's Community Champions

The Persimmon's Community Champions initiative gives away £64,000 every month in single donations up to the value of £2,000. Persimmon has decided that from April 2020 all funding will go directly to groups supporting the over 70s.

The Alpkit Foundation-Grassroots Support Now

The Alpkit Foundation is now prioritising funds to support projects that demonstrate an immediate impact on those affected by the Covid-19 virus crisis. Individuals or organisations serving those affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are welcome to apply for grants up to £500.

Elmgrant Trust

The Elmgrant Trust offers small grants of under £500 to voluntary and community organisations in the South West of England. The funding is intended to support projects that encourage local life, especially through education, the arts and social sciences.

Tesco Bags of Help COVID-19 Communities Fund

Tesco Bags of Help COVID-19 Communities Fund is offering grants of £500. These are offered to a wide range of UK charitable and not-for-profit organisations whose work has been disrupted by the coronavirus. Typically the fund will prioritise organisations whose need for services has been disrupted, have increased demand or require to put in new services.

BBC Children in Need/Family Fund Emergency Essentials Programme

The BBC Children in Need/Family Fund Emergency Essentials Programme, provides funding for essential household items. This may include a cooker, furniture and fridge/freezers.

The Royal British Legion Immediate Needs Grant Scheme

The Royal British Legion is providing financial support to Service and ex-Service people and their dependents through their Immediate Needs Scheme. It's designed to help those who need assistance to get through a temporary crisis, including homelessness.

Hope For The Young - COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Hope For The Young has launched an Emergency Relief Fund. This is to help support the immediate health and well-being of young asylum seekers and refugees up to the age of 30 and assessed as vulnerable. Individuals and/or support groups working with young refugees and asylum seekers may apply for micro-grants of up to £250.

The Masonic Charitable Foundation

The Masonic Charitable Foundation provides information on a variety of available emergency grant funds for freemasons and their families

Vicar's Relief Fund

St-Martin-in-the-Fields Vicar’s Relief Fund have launched an emergency fund. These are small grants for individuals experiencing homelessness at this time.

Self-employment Income Support Scheme

Claim a grant through the coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-employment Income Support Scheme. Use this scheme if you're self-employed or a member of a partnership and have lost income due to coronavirus. Claim must be made on or before 13 July.

The Morrisons Foundation COVID-19 Homeless Support Fund

The Morrisons Foundation has introduced a £500,000 Homeless Support Fund in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Grants of up to £10,000 for charities that are caring for the homeless during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are available.

The Albert Hunt Trust

The Albert Hunt Trust is providing grants for local UK charities that provide hospice care, provide support for the homeless and/or promote health and wellbeing.

The DWF Charitable Foundation

The DWF Charitable Foundation is offering one-off grants up to £5,000 (but generally for less than £2,000) for charities working in areas of:

  • health and wellbeing
  • homelessness
  • education
  • employability

Charities in areas in which DWF Law has a presence appear more likely to receive funding, - (our nearest is Bristol).

The Edward Gostling Foundation

The Edward Gostling Foundation operates two grant programmes – Fast Track aimed at charities needing grant support of up to £5K to help maintain an essential service and Large Grants for charities seeking a capital contribution towards a new project or service.

The February Foundation

The February Foundation is an independent grant-making charity with broad-ranging charitable objectives. Decisions on grant applications, which average £5,000, take about 12 weeks.

The James Tudor Foundation

The James Tudor Foundation is offering grants for small-medium UK registered charities for working in the areas of health education, the relief of sickness and palliative care,

The Norman Family Charitable Trust

The Norman Family Charitable Trust supports charities, community groups, schools, and other non-profit groups in the South West of England by awarding grants of up to £5,000.

The Patrick Trust

The Patrick Trust provides grants ranging from £1,000-£5,000 for general charitable purposes, education and training, disability, prevention or relief of poverty, arts, culture, heritage, science, children and young people, elderly and older people.

The Schroder Charity Trust

The Schroder Charity Trust funds a wide range of charitable causes across the UK with grants of up to £5,000 available. Applications from May onwards will not be considered until November.

The Veterans' Foundation

The Veterans' Foundation provides grants up to £30,000 for not-for-profit organisations that are supporting people in need among current and former members of the Armed Forces.

Sovereign Pay It Forward Fund

Sovereign Housing has partnered with Crowdfunder to create the Sovereign Pay It Forward Fund to help community projects, social enterprises local businesses and self-employed people who are working on COVID-19 connected community activities.

The Baring Foundation Strengthening Civil Society COVID-19 Legal Action Fund

The Baring Foundation Strengthening Civil Society COVID-19 Legal Action Fund is an addition to the Foundation's Strengthening Civil Society programme. The COVID-19 Legal Action Fund is designed to support legal action that will protect vulnerable individuals and communities from the impact of COVID-19. UK registered charities may apply for a grant of up to £40,000 for a maximum 12 month period.

The Energy Redress Scheme

The Energy Redress Scheme is currently open to applications from charities that are supporting vulnerable energy users.

Social Investment Business

The Resilience and Recovery Loan Fund enables social lenders, including Charity Bank, to provide emergency loans to affected charities and social enterprises.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief is continuing to support the organisations it funds in the UK, whether this is through adapting their activities, reviewing their timeframes or re-budgeting remaining funds.

Asda Foundation

In response to Covid-19, Asda Foundation have developed 2 new grant schemes;

The ASDA Foundation COVID-19 Healthy Holiday Grants Programme

The ASDA Foundation COVID-19 Healthy Holiday Grants Programme is offering grants up to £500 for UK charitable organisations to provide summer holiday activities and ensure vulnerable children are given a hot meal.

The ASDA Foundation Hygiene Grants

The ASDA Foundation is offering grants up to £500 for UK care homes, hospices, hospitals and homeless shelters supporting residents/patients who are struggling and unable to provide their own toiletries either through lack of funds or access to family support as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Edge Foundation Post COVID-19 Revival Fund

The Edge Foundation Post COVID-19 Revival Fund is offering grants between £10,000 and £50,000 for not-for-profit organisations and educational institutions in the UK for projects that address the educational challenges following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Foyle Foundation Small Grants Programme

The Foyle Foundation Small Grants Programme is offering grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 for smaller UK charities for core costs or essential equipment.

Sport England Community Emergency Fund – applications paused

The Sport England Community Emergency Fund aims to help community sport and physical activity organisations who are experiencing:

  • short term financial hardship or
  • ceasing of operations due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis

Neighbourly Community Fund - applications paused but organisations can register their interest for future phases of the fund.

The fund is offering a series of micro-grants of up to £400. This is to support good causes that are helping communities affected by the new Coronavirus outbreak.

The Fore RAFT Fund – applications paused until next £1million of funding has been raised.

The Fore's RAFT Fund is offering unrestricted grants up to £5,000 for small UK charities and social enterprises who are adversely affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Antonio Carluccio Foundation – applications paused

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, The Antonio Carluccio Foundation has created a grant budget of £500,000 during 2020 for large and small charities who are helping to prevent or relieve poverty and reduce hunger. UK charities who are working to feed those in need and promote a better understanding of food origins may apply for grants up to £10,000.

Mind administering The Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund - applications paused

The Coronavirus Mental Health Response Fund is offering

  • small grants up to £20,000
  • large grants up to £50,000

These are for charitable organisations in England able to respond to an anticipated increase in the need for mental health support as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) – applications paused

The Coronavirus Emergency Fund is currently paused but CAF hope to expand the fund and will reopen as and when they have additional funds.