What we have done

A large amount of work has taken place in three main areas:

  • on site
  • in the Redruth community and
  • in delivering a wide range of events and activities

Redruth Brewery has been a part of the town’s landscape since the 1790s; its iconic chimney makes it visible across Redruth. The Brewery closed in 2004 and a fire in 2011 destroyed much of the remaining buildings.

Since Cornwall Council purchased part of the site in 2013, considerable work has taken place – most of it underground! Modern industrial buildings have been demolished, and heritage buildings secured. The route of the leat has been excavated and landscaped, along with pathways. Trees have been planted and benches, lampposts and public art installed. This has resulted in the creation of a welcoming and pleasant public walkway connecting Kresen Kernow to the centre of Redruth. However, due to the instability of some of the buildings, this footpath will remain closed to public access for now. 

Since November 2016 Midas Construction have been busy on site, building Kresen Kernow. For up-to-date pictures of the building and latest updates we recommend finding us on Facebook

As part of the research into the site’s history we have worked with former Brewery employees. This was to capture memories of the Brewery in its heyday through an oral history project. We have also worked with artists and local groups in the community to create creative responses to these. Some of the former Brewery employees have now joined us as volunteers. 

The work on the site, in Redruth and with our audiences and potential audiences across Cornwall has enabled us to develop the project. Read more about what we are doing with the funding.