Copyright information

What is copyright?

Copyright is a form of property, and can be bought, sold, assigned or given away. Once a work is recorded into a fixed format, it is protected by copyright and restrictions apply concerning reproduction – the act of making a copy – without prior consent of the copyright holder. Once an item passes out of copyright there are no limitations on its use. Copyright includes:

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Literary - something written, spoken or sung e.g. letter, minute book, poem, novel.

Artistic – any graphic work, such as plans, drawings, posters and photographs.

Dramatic – any work which can be performed before an audience e.g. script of a play.

Films – all moving images.

Sound – recordings of sounds or a recording of a literary, dramatic or musical work.

'Copying' includes digital photographs, photocopies, transcripts, tracings and, in some instances, indexes, if they reproduce a whole or substantial part of the original work.

All copies reproduced from material held by Cornwall Record Office, requires the completion of the appropriate order form and payment of the correct fee. Order forms include a copyright agreement. Please see our document copy service for details.

For further information see our Guide to Copyright.