What is a Collections Week?

Cornwall Record Office's job is to make sure that the records that we keep are looked after in the best way, so that they survive for future generations. We are also responsible for making it possible for those who wish to use, enjoy and learn from the archives to do so.

However, to provide access for all users now and in the future, we need to do more than keep the searchroom open.

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We need to:

  • Catalogue more of the records that we already hold, at present about 35% of our holdings are uncatalogued.
  • Ensure all the records we hold are properly packaged and stored.
  • Appraise and fully record all new deposited records.
  • Make the catalogue entries available online.  

Doing this work makes more of our collections accessible for users today and ensures their permanent preservation for the users of the future.

To enable us to carry out this essential work we are closed to the public for the first full week of every calendar month. Please use the link below to find out when the collections weeks will occur during 2018.