Tregellas Tapestries

The project to create an embroidered history of Cornwall was conceived, designed and executed under the direction of Rita Tregellas Pope. She brought together a team of two designers, Joanna Tucker and Annie Corey, and a group of skilled spinners, dyers and embroiderers to create this unique record of Cornish history and culture from prehistoric to modem times.

The project took three years to complete and includes fifty-eight embroidered panels. Fact is interspersed with fiction, famous names interwoven with legend. Cornwall's contribution to world progress is depicted in peace and war, in religion and folklore. Miners, fishermen and farmers are remembered with pirates, priests and inventors in the Tregellas Tapestries.

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The embroidered panels were framed in 2000 as advised by the Royal School of Needlework. To mark the Millennium some panels were exhibited at different venues around the country, including Royston Museum, Hertfordshire, Helston, Marazion, Callington and at the Gorsedd in Falmouth. The permanent display of the complete Tregellas Tapestry is at Alma Place; it is fitting that such a superb work of art is on display in the heart of Cornwall.

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