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Parish and Town Councils

This area offers general information on parish and town councils, including:

  • Contact details for local town and parish councils in Cornwall
  • What parish and town councils are and what they do
  • Details on parish and town council elections
  • Parish Plans and
  • Other information which may be helpful.

There are 213 Town and Parish Councils within Cornwall. To view contact details and other information for all of these councils, please follow the link above. You can also download a file of parish council contact information. If you wish to inform us of a change of Clerk or Chairman please let us know by using ptcchanges@cornwall.gov.uk.

General information on parish and town councils describes the role of a town or parish council.

Devolution can give parish and town councils a bigger role in delivering local services.  It’s a way for local councils to work in partnership with us at a level that suits them, from straightforward service monitoring through to taking on and running local services. If you would like to read more please go to our Devolution – giving communities more page.

Town and Parish Councils Final Taxbase 2016/17 – This is the final Taxbase information.

Town and Parish Council Precepts 2016/17 - The amount precepted by each Town and Parish Council which is used to calculate the local element of the  Council Tax charge for each area.There is specific information available to town and parish councils which can be viewed through this link.

Link to specific information for parish and town councils. It includes the

  • Details on initiatives and projects relevant to parish and town councils;
  • Useful links; and
  • Other information of relevance and interest.

You can view a map of the parish areas in Cornwall using the online mapping system.

Please tell us about changes to Clerk or Chairman, or changes to registers of interests, using our changes to town and parish council page