Interactive mapping

Please note:  some people are experiencing issues with the mapping website following a recent update.  If you are using a pc or laptop, open the mapping website and press CRTL + F5 on your keyboard.  If you are using a mobile device you will need to clear your browser's cache.

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Using our interactive mapping you can view maps and use the layers to view locations of schools, libraries, waste recycling centres, salting routes, safety cameras and many other layers throughout Cornwall. You can find the area that you are interested in by entering a place ie towns and villages, street or postcode.

Follow this link for our interactive mapping

Cornwall Council strives to meet the needs of computer users with visual impairment or other conditions that limit accessibility. Due to the graphic-intensive nature of these interactive mapping websites, these maps of Cornwall cannot be presented in an accessible format. If you would like assistance with this please contact the Cornwall Council Geographic Information Services (GIS) team at

The maps used in these websites are published under our agreement with Ordnance Survey. 

There are many websites on the internet which can help you plan routes and find places of interest: