We all need a little extra support at some point in our lives, we offer helping hand services to make things a bit easier. 

This page explains what might be helpful, but please bear in mind that everybody’s situation is different, so what’s available will vary from person to person. 

All of our services are either free or provided at cost price, giving you value for money.

I am visually impaired or deaf

Visually Impaired

We can provide bills and literature in braille, large print, audio or easyread. Find out more about alternative formats.


I could lose my home

House Risk

I want to be healthier 



Everything seems to be online these days I find it really daunting


I have limited mobility

Limited Mobility

There are services to help you get about more easily:

My dad is about to come out of hospital and I don’t know how he will cope

Help To Cope

Adult Social Care
can help you sort out support after leaving hospital, and our STEPS reablement service can help you get back on your feet after a short term health crisis.



I’m finding it harder to cope at home

Cope At Home

I am worried about money

Worried About Money