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Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion is about ensuring that the residents of Cornwall are equipped with the knowledge and skills to use digital technologies in their everyday lives. The benefits of being online should not be underestimated; it can enable you to communicate with family and friends and people around the world, have access to online transactional services, and provide access to learning and job opportunities, online shopping and much more.

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Digital Inclusion can be defined in terms of;

  • Digital literacy and skills – being able to use computers, the internet and mobile technology such as smart phones.
  • Accessibility – Ranging from broadband connectivity and access to public computers and Wifi
  • Affordability –having affordable access to the internet and digital devices

Digital Inclusion is about overcoming all of these challenges, not just one. The Digital Inclusion Team are committed to helping the communities in Cornwall reduce digital exclusion and increase the skills and confidence in digital technologies for our residents.

Look at our Interactive Map to find where you can get free access to computers. 

There may be support available at your local library or community venue, please complete the online booking form to register your interest in beginners IT skills support.