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On-Call Firefighter (Retained)

In this section you can find out more about the role of an on-call firefighter and whether you, or your employee, could fulfil the role. 

Local emergency services form an important part of any community. They are there to protect and help us whenever they are needed, and can get help to us in a very short space of time. Can you help?


  • The Approved to Ride Courses for 2020 are fully booked. Recruits confirmed on these courses will be contacted with:
    • an offer of employment
    • training dates 
  • We have not yet had new Medical Dates confirmed (originally scheduled for June). These will be imminent and expected early September 2020


  • The next Approved to Ride Courses are in February / March 2021
  • Application and pre-sift will take place through August 2020
  • Multi stage shuttle tests will be undertaken in September 2020
  • Written and Physical tests will be undertaken in October 2020
  • Interviews and Medicals will be undertaken in November 2020
  • Induction and pre - Approved to Ride drill nights to start in January 2021
  • A full schedule will be released to applicants who progress through the initial sift

Please note:

Not all on-call stations have vacancies at this time. If you are interested in an on-call career, please contact your local Station in the first instance.  You can discuss this role and current vacancy status at the station.

If you want to become an on-call firefighter view our leaflet - Could you be an on-call firefighter? 

If you are an employer, view our leaflet -  Information for Employers - Guide to On-Call Firefighters.


Watch our video clip of On-Call Firefighter Michelle Grenfell. In this short video, Michelle explains why she became an on-call firefighter, the rewards and the challenges she has faced.

Fees paid

Find out what fees are paid for On-Call Firefighters