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Equal Opportunities

In this section, you can find out more about how Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety (CFRCS) Service ensure equality of opportunity for our employees and applicants. Please also view the information on our frequently asked questions about recruitment and equality and diversity.

CFRCS Service is an equal opportunities employer. We are committed to the principles of fairness and equality. Applications to join the service are welcomed from all men and women who are able to demonstrate the necessary skills and experience.

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The Service recognises that in our society, groups and individuals have been and continue to be discriminated against.

In order to work towards eliminating discrimination the service has adopted an equality and diversity policy statement; this is as follows:

We will treat everyone fairly, equally and with respect.  We do not discriminate against anyone because of their colour, race, nation of origin, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, belief, disability, age, sex, gender identity, marital status or sexual orientation.  We promote equality of opportunity.

We give a greater proportion of our efforts and resources to work which has the most effect on the public and our employees.

It is our aim to:

  • To live a set of core values;
  • To embrace diversity;
  • To value all individuals and communities; and
  • To behave in a fair and equitable way in all that we do.

We will:

Implement policies, procedures and actions to ensure that the service complies with both the letter and the spirit of all existing, amended and proposed equality and diversity related legislation. 

This policy applies to all employees, all potential employees and in all our dealings with our community, partners and contractors.  

The Service is committed to a programme of action to ensure that equality / fairness at work takes place. The Service expects all its employees to comply with the policy and monitoring will be carried out to ensure this.