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You've seen a thousand crashes in films, TV and video games. Often, the characters get up, dust off, and walk away with little more than a few scratches. The dreadful truth is that when it happens for real, that person might not walk away - they might never walk again; they could kill themselves, or perhaps even worse, kill someone else.

And when that crash happens, the impact stretches far and wide, far beyond those immediately involved.

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Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service hold a number of Learn2Live events across Cornwall to reach as many students as possible. Below are the dates for the upcoming events. Please contact us using the details on the right about attending any of these:

  • The Regal Cinema, Redruth: 24 and 25 September 2019
    Either 10:00-11:30 or 13:00-14:30

The Learn2Live (L2L) team comprises of volunteers from Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service, Police, Paramedics, Family Liaison Officers, Hospital staff, as well as family speakers, and members of the public.

Each of the emergency service personnel are genuine, and give up their time to speak. Most have never spoken in front of the large groups before.

Young people are statistically one of the most at risk groups when it comes to road traffic collisions.

L2L targets this age group, not only to raise awareness of some of the dangers and risks involved in driving, but also to consider the consequences of their actions, and the impact on people beyond themselves.

By encouraging the audience to make small changes to their behaviours and developing their skills and awareness, they are then able to make sensible, safe choices when driving.

The presentation is based on a short film, depicting a group of friends getting ready and then going out for a night. They have a collision, and the emergency services arrive. One of the friends is taken to hospital, where she dies from her injuries. Finally, the family are informed by the Police Family Liaison Officer.

As the different emergency services arrive in the video, the film is paused and a member of that emergency service comes out on stage to tell of a collision they have attended. The stories they tell are real and told from their own personal point of view, often referring to the local area.

The final speakers are all (extra) ordinary people, who have had a member of their family killed or seriously injured in a collision. They speak of the collision and also of the effect it has had on them and their family. The very last speaker is someone who has either been the offending driver or a passenger within a road traffic collision.

View the Learn2Live YouTube channel where you can view videos of some of the speakers who talk at our events.

The reason why L2L is so impactful is because students witness and understand the true impact of a single road traffic collision and the effect it has on all of those involved. We call this the ‘Ripple Effect’ – which is like throwing a pebble into a pond – the ripples extend far and wide.

Our speakers are remarkable individuals who relay their highly emotional and personal stories. They volunteer to do this so that you and your families do not have to suffer in the same way that they have.

View some simple ideas for a lesson or two following your attendance at a L2L.

Feedback from the audience members of recent L2L events:

“I recently attended the ‘Learn 2 Live’ presentation. The format was engaging, shocking, captivating and educating. I have consequently made those small changes to my driving attitude, especially when carrying passengers.”

“I went with a few of our guys and we all thought it was brilliant, amazing people doing a really hard job. It was a real eye opener and will make people think about their actions.”