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Escape plan template

Have you and your family got an escape plan to ensure you can get out of your home quickly and safely in an emergency?  If you haven't now is your chance!

Drawing your own escape plan of your home is lots of fun and is something you can get all of the family to help with. 

Draw your own escape plan by using the template provided to draw your own fire plan and ask a grown up to help you draw a diagram of your own home - like the pictures shown below.  Imagine you’re in a plane looking down on your home.

Important points to remember when drawing your escape plan

1. Be sure to mark where your bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, smoke alarms, exits and windows are.

Escape plan showing where the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, smoke alarms, exits and windows are.

2. Draw arrows to show which way you would go to get out in case of fire. If you live in a flat never use the lift.

Escape plan with arrows to show which way you would go to get out in case of fire.

3. With a different colour marker (or crayon), draw another escape route to take in case your first one is blocked by smoke or fire.

Escape plan showing an alternate escape route

4. Choose a safe meeting place (a tree, or front gate) where the whole family can meet outside.  Make sure your meeting place is a safe distance from the front of the building. Never go back inside.

Escape plan showing the meeting place

Helpful tips to remember

Always remember these helpful tips when practising your fire escape plan:

1. Always test your smoke alarm once a week and remember to change the battery once a year on a memorable date - such as your birthday. Select this link for a helpful reminder! 

2. Smoke rises up so keep down low, where the air is clearer.

3. Check the door for heat with the back of your hands, as a fire could be on the other side.

4. Once you are out of your house, call the Fire and Rescue Service out and never go back in for anything.  Not even for pets, as this is a firefighters job.

5. If you can not get out because a fire is blocking your stairs, don't panic and go back to your room and close the door. Put something soft (like a pillow or jumper) along the bottom of the door. Go to your window and open it (to breathe in some fresh air) and shout as loudly as you can for help.

Remember to practise your escape plan with all the people that live with you.