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Dress the Firefighter Game

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Did you know, people wear uniforms for two main reasons:

  • Firstly, so that it is easy to spot them. Imagine if police officers wore ordinary clothes! It would be impossible to recognise them in the street.
  • Secondly and perhaps more importantly, people wear uniforms because they are specially adapted for the jobs they do.

Firefighters use special equipment that helps them to breathe inside smokey houses. They also wear clothes made out of special material such as Nomex and Kevlar, which doesn't catch fire easily. This material is also very light, so firefighters can move quickly.

Firefighters' uniforms are made with special pleats and folds, so that they can move their shoulders, arms, and knees more easily. This helps them to carry people and objects more easily. It also makes it easier for them to crawl, bend, and climb.

Check out the game below called "Dress the Firefighter", where you can find out more interesting facts on what firefighters wear at work.