We are actively involved in many on-going projects to:

  • support communities
  • raise flood awareness throughout Cornwall
  • work with others to share our experiences and lessons learnt.
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Details of just some of our projects are listed below. To find out more about any of them please contact us via the details on the right hand side.

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum has successfully teamed up with Cornwall Council to attract nearly a quarter of a million pounds of grant funding from the Government. This funding is to develop projects that help communities, homes and businesses at risk of flooding.

Cornwall has been awarded £238,000 from DEFRA's Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder scheme. This is to increase community resilience by building on projects funded through the Cornwall Community Flood Forum and the 2010 flood recovery process.

The Government scheme is aimed at communities where flooding is a major risk.  Projects which receive funding will be required to develop innovative solutions. These must demonstrate that they can reduce the levels of flood risk in measurable ways.

The funding allocated to Cornwall will be used to deliver a range of projects over the next two years. These will help communities prepare for potential flooding.  These will include:

  • installing measures to reduce run-off from open land
  • help for town centre businesses to respond to the impact of flooding
  • installing a network of rain gauges with data accessible via the internet

Households and businesses at risk of flooding will also be issued with information. This will raise flood awareness and provide practical advice.

The successful application was developed in partnership between Cornwall Council and the Forum. The first round of the bid was produced by Martin Eddy and Dr David Watkins of Cornwall Council.  The final round was written by Charles Richards from the Cornwall Community Flood Forum.

Charles Richards, the Flood Forum's Treasurer, said,

"the proposed project includes a combination of initiatives, some of which are county-wide while others will focus on up to 10 individual communities.  We have developed strategies that will provide physical solutions to reduce the risk of flooding in some communities as well as provide much needed advice and guidance to households and businesses at greatest risk.

“A major focus of the bid is on supporting community groups and promoting the safety of volunteers.  Since the 2010 floods we have already seen the valuable role community groups such as those in Par and St Blazey, Mevagissey and Lostwithiel can play in providing help before, during and after flooding.  Through this project we will aim to assist similar groups throughout Cornwall by providing personal safety equipment and training.”

Dave Owens, Cornwall Council's Assistant Head of Service (Environment and Waste) said

"The Council and the Cornwall Community Flood Forum have a very positive relationship and have worked really hard to prepare this application for Defra following the announcement that the Government was putting £5 million into a Community Flood Resilience Pathfinder Fund.  

“It is very good news that Cornwall is one of only 13 councils across the country to receive this funding, and I am sure that part of the Government’s decision was based on the success of the close working partnership between the two organisations. “

Martin Eddy, Cornwall Council's Community Network Manager and Forum Secretary, added that the bid contains funding for a project officer to help deliver the projects and develop the Forum.

One of the aims of the Cornwall Community Flood Forum is to support communities in becoming more resilient. It also aims to promote a focus on the safety and wellbeing of volunteers. In being better prepared communities may be able to provide support ahead of the arrival of the Emergency Services. They may be better placed to assist through the recovery process.

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum is working alongside Cornwall Council and the Environment Agency to support communities in establishing resilience groups and produce effective plans. Through our Cornwall Community Resilience Network website we offer a Community Toolkit. This suggests sources for:

  • support
  • templates
  • training
  • insurance and
  • funding

Community volunteers can play a key role in supporting their communities before, during and after a flood or other emergency event. We are committed to encouraging a focus upon the safety and wellbeing of community volunteers and those around them.

We have developed a risk awareness handbook in association with Cornwall Council and Volunteer Cornwall. The purpose of the handbook is to help volunteers understand their role before, during and after a flood and to recognise some of the potential risks and hazards they may face. First Aid training is also available for groups and individuals wishing to extend their skills.

* This project is funded through a Lottery grant from Awards For All, England, to support safe and responsible community resilience and raise flood awareness throughout Cornwall.

One of the aims of the Cornwall Community Flood Forum is to help raise general flood awareness amongst households and businesses within Cornwall.

Guidance is provided on what can be done to:

  • identify flood risk
  • register for flood warnings
  • take steps to protect property and
  • find information on what to do in the event of an emergency

This information is being made available through our website. This is in addition to other initiatives targeting households and businesses within areas of known flood risk.

We are also continuing to produce and issue newsletters to communities affected by flooding across mid Cornwall in November 2010 as the recovery process continues.

* This project is funded through a Lottery grant from Awards For All, England, to support safe and responsible community resilience and raise flood awareness throughout Cornwall.

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum is involved in a project initiated by the Environment Agency. This is to support community resilience within rapid response catchments in:

  • Cornwall
  • Devon
  • Somerset and
  • Dorset

A rapid response catchment is a catchment that responds rapidly to a rainfall event. The Environment Agency defines three factors for considering a catchment as rapidly responding:

  • The speed of response
  • The severity of flooding
  • The presence of vulnerable populations

By sharing its experiences and knowledge the Cornwall Community Flood Forum hopes to do what it can to support communities at risk of flooding throughout the South West in becoming better prepared.