Flood advice for businesses

Business Survival Toolkit

Through the Business Survival Toolkit you can find sources of free and impartial advice, get guidance on insurance, seek sources of financial support and find help on employment Issues.

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The Business Survival Toolkit is designed to be used in two phases. The first phase being the actions needed in the immediate aftermath of a serious incident (such as flooding) that has rendered a business premises inoperable. The second phase relates to the steps necessary to assess the impact of the disaster on the survival of the business as a trading operation.

Property owners who have suffered flood damage are advised to contact their property insurer without delay. Many home insurers offer 24-hour emergency helplines to provide instant help and advice. Any emergency repairs should be carried out to stop damage getting worse. Business Interruption Insurance policies will cover loss of turnover and fully comprehensive motor policies should cover flood damage to vehicles. For free advice on getting to the right expert and guidance on any insurance problems encountered contact:

Association of British Insurers tel: 020 7600 3333


Support for businesses suffering a variety of financial issues including, loss of turnover, inability to meet payments, and credit rating issues is available, in a variety of forms, from banks, soft loans, funding bodies and potential grants. Debtor control advice is openly available and subject to policy terms and conditions insurers may be able to assist with immediate cashflow problems. Members of the Federation of Small Businesses have access to a legal help line and insurance claim adviser. Your accountant, bank (Disaster Recovery Manager) and independent financial advisor may have previous accounts if yours have been lost. For further free advice and help contact:

Federation of Small Businesses tel: 0845 1308217

The Cabinet Office, in partnership with the Business Continuity Institute and Emergency Planning Society has worked to produce “Business Continuity for Dummies”. It is a guide for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Written with SMEs in mind, the guide acknowledges that smaller businesses may not have the money, time and resources to prepare for disruptions, yet the cost of dealing with them when they do arise can be significant. The guide provides simple, and for the most part inexpensive, ‘how to’ measures to deal with disruptions caused by challenges such as; flooding, severe weather and pandemic flu outbreak.

ISBN 978-1-118-48203-2