Climate Change Vision Article

By: Luci Isaacson MSc, Director, Climate Vision Summary

This article describes the complex climate system responsible for the challenges we experience in the weather today. By understanding its chaotic behaviour, combined with human intervention, we are able to understand the struggle to provide the robust predictions people need to make changes in their lives. It is time to prepare for an unknown future and to discover that which is unknown, by empowering people to make decisions today about how to act for tomorrow.

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History and local knowledge are extremely useful tools. Interesting stories can take us back to our catchments, help us look at the land, how it once was, and how it has reacted to centuries of human occupation. They help us paint a picture of what it will look like in the future, and enable us to re-connect with it and connect others who have drifted far from interest in it.

Placing ourselves in this better position helps us to make long term decisions, for ourselves and how we will adapt to the different climate we are experiencing now. We know we have to take action today, but we need to be better informed in order to be a part of that process, in charge of it ourselves.

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