Flood support to communities

Support for communities

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum (CCFF) is committed to supporting Town and Parish Councils and community flood groups. We provide support before, during and after flooding. We aim to help communities:

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  • become actively involved in the flood risk management process and
  • take steps to become better prepared.

Through our support for community meetings and website, we promote:

  • a partnership approach to flood risk management
  • a sharing of experiences and ideas between communities

This is done through:

Direct support

Members of our Management Board are available to provide support where possible. Alternatively we can put you in touch with someone who can provide specialist help.

Annual Conference

Our annual CCFF conference is an opportunity to learn more about initiatives being undertaken within Cornwall. It also provides news about wider issues that may affect us locally. It is also a great chance to meet with others actively involved in flood risk management. 

Cornwall Community Resilience Network

The Cornwall Community Resilience Network is an initiative driven by Cornwall Council. The aim is to help create a network of communities working together to share experiences and knowledge. It also aims to raise the level of community preparedness throughout Cornwall.

The Cornwall Community Resilience Network website is hosted by Cornwall Council. It is managed by the Emergency Management Team. It includes the Community Pages. These enable each community within Cornwall to publish its emergency plans. It also includes the Community Toolkit. This provides practical guidance on some of the key questions asked when starting to plan ahead for flooding and other emergencies.

Community Pages

Each Town and Parish Council within Cornwall is welcome to have its own page within the Cornwall Community Resilience Network website. The purpose of the page is to showcase the actions, projects and plans of each community to become better prepared ahead of an emergency.

Published on the site are:

  • community flood plans
  • general emergency plans
  • plans for other specific risks such as snow and fire

You can set up your own community page and update your information. To find out how, visit the Cornwall Community Resilience Network website.

Community Toolkit

The Community Toolkit is a resource for communities. It is available through the Cornwall Community Resilience Network website. The Toolkit provides possible solutions to some of the key questions communities may ask when starting to plan ahead for flooding and other emergencies.

The Community Toolkit is developed by communities for communities. When producing flood plans, it draws directly upon experiences following the 2010 mid Cornwall floods.

By learning from the experiences of others you can plan ahead with confidence. You can focus on the issues that really matter in your community.

One of the central themes addressed by the Toolkit is safety. The Cornwall Community Flood Forum actively encourages steps to promote the safety and wellbeing of community volunteers and others around them.

To find out more about the Toolkit contact: nora.guerten@cornwallrcc.org.uk