Flood Forum Annual Conference

Cornwall Community Flood Forum AGM and Conference 2017

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum held its sixth annual conference in Truro Town Hall on 3rd of November 2017. The conference was attended by 58 people ranging from Parish and Town Council representatives, Cornwall Council officers to delegates from the Environment Agency, the University of Exeter and representatives from organisations with an interest in flooding and flood resilience. 

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In this year’s conference there was a range of local and national speakers discussing topics of relevance to Cornwall. This included speakers from the National Trust, the Environment Agency, Westcountry River Trust, Exeter University and Cornwall Council who ensured a lively debate and explored site-specific flood risk management strategies.

The conference began at approximately 10.30am and went on to hear from an interesting variety of speakers:

Presentations from Previous Conferences

During our previous conferences we have been fortunate to hear from a range of interesting speakers, whose presentations still have a relevant message today.  The following presentations from previous years may also be of interest to you.

  • 2016:  View the presentation from Cathryn Marcus - Cathryn Marcus from Groundwork South explained the ‘Communities Prepared’ project and how this would work with communities across the South West building on the volunteer training originally developed by the CCFF.
  • 2016:  View the presentation by John Paton - John Paton from Surf Lifesaving Cornwall talked about how volunteer lifeguards have been trained as accredited flood rescue operatives.
  • 2016:  View the presentation by Dave Watkins - Dr Dave Watkins, the Catchment and Coastal Environment Lead from Cornwall Council gave his annual update on behalf of the Lead Local Flood Authority.
  • In 2015, Dr Dave Watkins from Cornwall Council updated delegates on the current situation within our ‘Lead Local Flood Authority’ and talked about SuDS – a subject that many of you have expressed concerns about. View Dr Dave Watkins presentation.

  • In 2015 Robbie Craig from Defra gave a strategic overview on the governments approach to community flood resilience and how learning from the Pathfinder projects is leading the way in demonstrating ‘best practice’ to the rest of the country. View Robbie Craig's presentation.

  • In 2015 Michael Frye the External Funding Management Accountant for the Environment Agency (EA) introduce the Community Funding Guidance Service and securing funding to improve community flood resilience. View Michael Frye's presentation.  

  • In 2015 Sarah Marriott, the Chief Executive of the Flood Advisory Service told delegates about this new National service which was launched at our conference. View Sarah Marriott's presentation.

  • Dave Owens from the South West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee informed delegates of his new role working on behalf of the committee. View Dave Owens' presentation.

  • In 2015 Aiden Kerr the Operations Director of Flood RE explained the details of this new scheme, which has since been launched.  Details of Flood RE can be found at www.floodre.co.uk. View Aiden Kerr's presentation

  • In 2015 Kevin Thomas, BBC Radio Cornwall’s meteorologist described the challenges of forecasting the weather in Cornwall and how our geography and topography place us in the ‘vanguard’ when the winter Atlantic storms hit! View Kevin Thomas' presentation.

  • In 2014, Professor Robert Van de Noort, Chair of the South West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee gave a presentation on the work and role of the committee. 

  • In 2014, Kevin Barnes, The Environment Agency, Flood Resilience Team Leader for Devon and Cornwall spoke on the use of Sandbags.

  • In 2014, Luci Isaacson from Climate Vision spoke about working with offenders on the Leaf Litter Project.