About the Flood Forum

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum (CCFF) is a community-led initiative. It is committed to supporting those at risk of flooding. These include:

  • communities
  • households and
  • businesses

We were set up in January 2012 as a ‘Members Association’. We comprise:

  • town and parish councils
  • community groups
  • businesses and
  • individuals with an active involvement in flood risk management

In April 2016 we formed a ‘Charitable Incorporated Organisation’ (CIO).  In October all of the assets of the Members Association were transferred to the CIO and the Members Association wound up.  We are here to promote partnership working within flood risk management. We also support communities before, during and after flooding.

Please note that Cornwall Council actively supports our aims and objectives and kindly hosts the CCFF web pages. Aside from this we have no formal link with the Council.

On 17 November 2010 widespread flooding was experienced throughout mid Cornwall. More than 300 households and businesses were affected. Following the floods Cornwall Council and the Environment Agency established two Flood Recovery Groups. They met monthly to oversee the recovery stage and involve communities in the process. These groups fed back via their Chairs to a strategic Steering Group. This group was represented by:

  • Cornwall Council
  • the Environment Agency and
  • South West Water

Rather than dissolve the Flood Recovery Groups it was decided that the knowledge, skills and experience should be retained. This is to assist other communities in Cornwall and maintain an ongoing focus on flood risk. In January 2012 the CCFF formally came into being with start up funding from:

  • Cornwall Council
  • South West Water and
  • UK Flood Barriers Ltd.

This was then further enhanced by a £10,000 National Lottery ‘Awards for All’ grant. This was used to support the formation, training and equipping of flood groups in the areas affected by the 2010 floods.

In June 2013, Cornwall Council successfully secured a £238,000 Flood Resilience Pathfinder project. This was funded by Defra. Cornwall Council chose the CCFF as its partner for the delivery of the project.  A significant aspect of the funding was allocated to ensure the development and sustainability of the CCFF itself. This was in addition to supporting its on-going work to establish and train community flood groups throughout Cornwall’s at risk communities.  The Pathfinder project ran until March 2015. It was seen as one of the most successful of the 13 x Pathfinders run nationally. 

The Pathfinder provided the CCFF with the resources to further develop. This included the services of a paid officer. It also enabled the CCFF to develop a ‘Toolkit’ of support for communities. This included a training resource for community volunteers that quickly established itself as an example of ‘best practice’ nationally.  It also provided sufficient funding for the CCFF to continue to employ the part-time services of an officer and move towards becoming a CIO. 

During 2015 we worked to secure a £500,000 National Lottery ‘Reaching Communities’ grant. Working closely with Groundwork South, Cornwall College and the Environment Agency. This project, led by Groundwork South, will further develop our community volunteer training resources on a regional level, with a view to this becoming a nationally available resource. 

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum has an interest in all flood related activities within Cornwall. We are guided in particular by the following aims:

  1. Support communities in becoming better prepared
  2. Raise flood awareness within Cornwall
  3. Promote partnership approach to flood risk management and community engagement

The stated objectives of the CCFF CIO (Registered Charity 1166604) are:

  • for the benefit of the community,
  • for the preservation of human life and property and
  • for the benefit of the environment to:
    • provide
    • preserve
    • maintain
    • restore and/or
    • improve flood defences and flood protection measures and flood damage remediation in particular in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum currently employs one part-time staff member. She is hosted by the Cornwall Rural Community Charity: 

  • Nora Guerten, Flood Resilience Manager

The responsibility for the management of the CCFF CIO rests with the board of trustees.  In addition to our trustees, appropriate Officers attend Trustee Board meetings in a ‘specialist advisor’ capacity. These are from:

  • Cornwall Council
  • the Environment Agency and
  • South West Water  

Become a CCFF Trustee.

The CCFF has two levels of membership, ‘Full’ and ‘Associate’.

Full membership

Full membership of the CIO is available to individuals. They are prepared to take on the formal duties associated with membership of a charity. They have a say in its operation through attendance and voting at General Meetings. 

Associate membership

Community organisations or associations who have an interest in flooding throughout Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly are welcome and eligible for Associate Membership. They can be either voluntary or statutory and includes Parish and Town Councils.  Any individual who wishes to establish a less formal relationship with the CCFF CIO may also become an Associate Member. 

Membership to the Cornwall Community Flood Forum is FREE.  For further information please contact: nora.guerten@cornwallrcc.org.uk

The Cornwall Community Flood CIO is governed by a constitution. This has been approved by the Charity Commission.

The Forum occasionally has information about limited funding. This can be used to support the setting up and equipping of Community Flood Groups. We may also be able to provide limited assistance to help established groups support their most vulnerable residents.

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum exists thanks to the time given freely by its Members and Partners. Funding for projects has been gratefully received from: