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Advice after a fire

When we leave what do you do next?

You've had a fire in your home, but what do you do next…

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This leaflet contains information on what to do after you have had a fire in your home and has been put together with the help of Richfords Fire & Flood - a damage management company, who have been based in Cornwall for over 25 years, and who work in close partnership with Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service to help members of the public recover from fires and other types of incidents.

View the leaflet: When we leave what do you do next?

There are numerous organisations you can contact who will help to protect your property from any further damage following a fire. If your home is insured, contact them as soon as possible and they will help you take the necessary actions.

At the earliest opportunity, you should contact your insurers to inform them of the incident and return a completed claims form to them as soon as possible. They may wish to inspect your property before anything is moved, so check with them first. Cash that has been partially burned can be taken to a bank to be replaced. If you rent or lease the property, you should contact the landlord or their agent.

If the fire has left your property in an insecure condition, you should close all doors and windows as these are an open invitation to thieves. Broken windows or doors should be boarded up. There are numerous contractors in the Yellow Pages that offer this service though you should check with your insurers first. If you're a council tenant, you should contact your Local Housing Department who will carry out this service. It's also wise to contact your local Police to e nsure they know your property is empty and insecure.

You may find our page on recovering after a fire helpful, which gives useful information on the clean up process and where to go for advice on replacing valuable documents and records.