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Countryside Fire Safety

Fires in the countryside can easily be started accidentally, or even deliberately. A carelessly discarded cigarette can lead to a huge fire, where the results to the wildlife can be devastating, so please follow this code and help to keep Cornwall's countryside free from fire.

  • Do not discard cigarettes in the countryside.
  • Do not leave glass items around after a picnic or barbecue.  Put them in the bin. Remember the fire safety information on Barbecues.
  • Only light fires or barbecues in designated areas using the facilities provided.
  • Fires must be built at least 10m downwind from vegetation, tents and caravans.
  • Clear a patch of bare earth to build the fire on.
  • Ensure the fire collapses inwards when it burns.
  • Do not leave it unattended.
  • Never use petrol or paraffin on a fire.
  • Do not put batteries, aerosols or other gas cylinders on the fire.
  • If you see a fire in the countryside, report it immediately.
  • Don't attempt to tackle fires that can't be put out with a bucket of water – leave the area as quickly as possible.
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Anyone with information on fires being deliberately started in the countryside are advised to anonymously call Crimestoppers free on 0800 555 111 or contact Devon and Cornwall Police on 101 with information.

Arson puts both the public and firefighters at unnecessary risk. It ties up resources that could be in demand for other more serious incidents. A lot of Cornwall is covered by on-call firefighters so there is also a significant cost to each incident. Visit the Crimestoppers website

View the free fire safety leaflet: Fire Safety Outdoors

Contact Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service if you would like one sent to you.

If you would like free advice on any aspect of fire safety, contact our freephone community fire safety helpline on 0800 3581 999.

Any general enquiries should be directed to: 0300 1234 232.

View our information on dialling 999 in an emergency.