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The following routines and advice will help prepare you should you ever experience a fire: 

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The escape video will help you and your family be safer by planning an emergency escape route should you or your family experience a fire in your home. 


Bedtime safety check

You're three times more likely to die in a fire that starts during the night Take a look at our helpful bedtime safety checklist and get into the habit of completing these checks and help protect yourself and your home.

Teach children to be safe

The best way to teach children is by example. Let your children see you being sensible and careful about cooking, using candles, smoking and other potential fire risks.

Find out how to make your home safe for children and teach them what to do if there was a fire so they would know what to. 

Make an escape plan

Once a fire starts, it takes hold quickly and spreads even faster. A fire is frightening and it can be difficult to think straight, especially if your hall is filled with smoke and you're worried about getting you and your family out. 

If your smoke alarm went off in the night would you know what to do?

Let us help guide you through making an escape plan

Know what to do in the event that someone's clothes catch on fire 

If a person's clothing should catch fire, follow the "stop, drop and roll" rule to put out the flames.

Stop - means don't panic and run about - it will make the fire worse
Drop - to the floor, as this makes it harder for the fire to spread
Roll - roll back and forth until the flames are extinguished

If you see someone on fire, you can help additionally to the above by wrapping the victim in a rug, coat or blanket to smoother the flames.