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Residential Fire Sprinklers

Why wait for the fire and rescue service to arrive, it may be too late to save what you value most.

You never know when or where a fire will start. What if you could have a firefighter in every room ready to deal with a fire the minute it starts? That is exactly what sprinklers are - instant firefighters!

Fire destroys everything in its path. That includes you, your family, your home, your business, your school, your community. Fire does not discriminate. You seldom have more than 5 minutes to escape...

Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service strongly encourages the fitting of fire sprinklers in all types of buildings at the design stage. The fitting of sprinklers can often lead to compensations being given in other areas of fire safety design such as a requirement for fire doors. Also insurance companies will give reductions on premiums giving year on year savings which can often pay for the sprinkler installation within several years.

The photos to the right display the stages of a sprinkler being set off

Residential fire sprinklers are small. In fact, they fit in so well that you have to point them out for people to notice them. Average sized rooms may only need one sprinkler. They can be installed in ceilings or high on a wall and can be attached to the same water supply that feeds your home’s plumbing fixtures. The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association has a website where you can find out more about domestic and residential sprinklers.

The Studley Green estate was the first housing development in Europe to be fitted with domestic sprinklers, following its rebuild in 1999. A property in Kingswood Chase had its sprinklers activated when fire broke out in a first floor bedroom.A house in Trowbridge escaped being badly damaged, thanks to an innovative fire safety system.

Two crews from Trowbridge fire station were called to the address at 6.38pm, but found the blaze had been extinguished by the sprinklers. As a result, the fire damage was minimal, and there was no risk to the house’s occupants, who were downstairs at the time. Although the exact cause of the fire remains unclear, there were no suspicious circumstances.

The cost of fire to businesses and the community is estimated at £7bn per year. 60% of businesses that have a fire never trade again yet fire damage in premises covered by sprinklers is 90% less than non sprinkler protected premises. Find out more about sprinklers in commercial premises. 


Cornwall Councillors have signalled their desire to lead by example in keeping residents safe from house fires by agreeing to install sprinklers in all homes the Council builds and commissions in the future.


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