Community emergency plan funding

Your community doesn’t have to spend lots of money to become better prepared for an emergency.  The most important investment is the time given freely by your community volunteers in identifying the risks and the local resources you might call upon to deal with an emergency.

However, you may decide you want to look for sources of funding for basic equipment and printing your plans and newsletters. 

Communities in Cornwall looking to create a new plan can bid for grants of up to £600 from Cornwall Council to support the development of their emergency and flood plans. This is made up of an initial £100 to get the plan off the ground with up to another £500 available when the plan is complete.

Those communities with plans that existed before the launch of this grant scheme are also eligible to claim up to £500 to further develop their plans or buy items such as emergency blankets, torches or high visibility jackets for volunteer wardens. A community has recently put their grant funding towards purchasing a defibrilator to be located in the community.

Business communities can also benefit from having an emergency or flood plan in place. Chambers of Commerce and other business groups can apply for a grant if their plan will help with business continuity and resilience in their part of Cornwall. Cornwall Council is also developing some further advice for businesses on this topic.

To find out more, download our guidance:

For an application form or more information, contact us using the details on this page.

Community Chest grants can be used to support a wide range of local groups and activities, including projects that tackle community safety issues. 

GOV.UK's Community Emergency Plan Toolkit contains a list of funding sources and search engines to helping you find funding.

Funding Central  is a free website for charities, voluntary and community organisations with access to lots of funding opportunities, tools and resources.