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Protecting your Building

This page aims to direct you to some of the things you should consider to improve fire safety in your premises especially if you are considering making alterations to your building.  It also provides advice on fire alarm systems and other active systems such as sprinklers that can save lives and reduce the impact of a fire.     

Building Regulations

If you are planning on undertaking building work this page will provide some guidance and advice on what you may need to do or consider.

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Passive and Active Fire Protection

This page explains the passive and active fire protection measures in buildings and structures and the common problems that will need to be rectified.

Fire Alarm Systems

The purpose of this page is not to tell you whether you need an automatic fire alarm but to give a few points to consider before you contact a fire alarm installer.

Reducing False Fire Alarms

False alarms from automatic fire alarm systems have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your fire evacuation strategy and may put the lives of your staff and visitors at risk.  By following our guidance you could reduce/ eliminate the disruptive impact of false alarms, improve productivity and save money.

Fire Sprinklers

Sprinklers have been proven to reduce the impact of fire.  This page explains the benefits and dispels some common misconceptions about fire sprinklers.