Crisp packet recycling scheme

Since March 2019, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service have been collecting empty crisp packets for the TerraCycle UK recycling scheme and to date (18 September 2019), we have raised £1425.44 for The Fire Fighters Charity.

If you would like to support this scheme and help us raise more money for the charity, which helps fire and rescue service personnel that are injured, ill or in need of psychological support, follow the steps below:

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1. Collect your empty crisp packets and place them into a large box or sack (They need to be empty of crisps and preferably flat. Please do not fold into a triangle or knot your packet.)

(Terracycle have requested that we need ship off a minimum of 8kg of crisp packets into a box measuring a maximum size of 60cm x 60cm x 70cm. If you can help us with request it would be much appreciated)

Download the poster to tell people about the recycling scheme

Note - We cannot accept the following: 

  • Popcorn bags
  • Crisp tubes
  • Pretzel bags
  • Meat snack bags
  • Crisp packets that are folded into triangles or knots

2. When your bag is full drop them to one of our registered drop off locations in Cornwall:

We are also supporting Prickles and Paws Hedgehog Rescue with their work, who are also collection for this scheme, so if you would like your donation to go to them, just leave a note on your bag and we'll sort the rest. 

For every 2kg worth of crisp packets that we donate to Terracycle we will receive 200 points which we can redeem into a financial donation of £2 for The Fire Fighters Charity.

Packets sent into Terracycle will be recycled and made into new products. To find out more about this, watch the video on the recycling process or find out more about the crisp packet recycling scheme.