Our Workforce

Information on our work force at Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety (CFRCS) includes:

  • breakdown of CFRCS staff
  • number of community fire stations in Cornwall
  • incidents that are attended
  • complete fleet list and
  • information on hoax calls

(Updated 1 Feb 2016)

Type of personnelNo. of staff (headcount)
Whole time firefighters (24hrs) 63
Day crewed firefighters (12hr) 74
Part time (on-call) firefighters 411
Critical Control Centre Operator 22
Support staff and Community Safety 163 
     Uniformed      56
     Non-uniformed      107
Total Personnel: 733


(Updated 1 Feb 2016)

Type of Fire StationNo. of Fire Stations
On-Call Community Fire Stations 24
Emergency Tri-Service Station 1
Wholetime day staffed (0700 - 1900) 4
Wholetime shift (24 hours) 2
Total Fire Stations: 31


Further information about community fire stations in Cornwall