Our Workforce

Information on our work force at Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety (CFRCS) includes:

  • breakdown of CFRCS staff
  • number of community fire stations in Cornwall

(Updated 1 April 2019)

Type of personnelNo. of staff (headcount)
Wholetime firefighters (24hrs) 126
On-call firefighters* 428
Officers and Operational Managers 30
Specialist Officers* 27
Tri-Service Safety Officers 10
Critical Control Operators 17
Non-uniformed 86
Total Personnel: 724


* fluctuates throughout the year due to retention and recruitment

** e.g. training instructors and fire safety officers 

(Updated 1 April 2019)

Type of Fire StationNo. of Fire Stations
On-Call Community Fire Stations 24
Wholetime day staffed (0700 - 1900) 5
Wholetime shift (24 hours) 2
Total Community Fire Stations: 31


Further information about community fire stations in Cornwall