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New Dimensions Incident Response Units

The UK Government provides the New Dimension Incident Response Unit (IRU) as part of a national resilience asset.

Cornwall has one IRU allocated. It is based at Bodmin Community Fire Station. Specially trained wholetime and on-call firefighters operate the IRU.

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The role of the IRU is to respond to confirmed or suspected CBRN incidents. CBRN stands for:

  • chemical
  • biological
  • radiation and
  • nuclear

The IRU provides mass decontamination to casualties at the incident ground.

To achieve this, the IRU carries tent like structures which feature in-built hot water shower systems. As they walk through the unit, casualties place all clothing and belongings into a bag. They are given a disrobe pack to wear until they are ready for decontamination. Walking through the shower system decontaminates the casualties. Once showered firefighters give them a re-robe pack to dress in.

The IRU carries a rear mounted fork-lift truck. This enables all of the kit to be removed and setup from the back of the vehicle safely.