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Environmental Support Vehicles

There are two Environmental Support Vechicles (ESV’s) stationed in Cornwall. These are based at Penzance and Saltash Community Fire Station. They are operated by specially trained wholetime and on-call personnel.

The ESV’s carry a range of equipment designed to deal with chemical incidents such as:

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  • spillages
  • fires
  • drums washed up on beaches

They carry equipment to deal with incidents involving radiation. They also respond to calls where decontamination of personnel is required.

These types of incidents can pose a serious risk to the environment. For this reason we work in close partnership with the Environment Agency.

Some of the equipment needed for these incidents include:

  • Over-drums (for the safe disposable of chemical drums)
  • Gas Tight Suits (GTS)
  • Absorbent matting and booms (for oil and chemical confinement)
  • 110V generator
  • Radiation survey meter
  • Decontamination shower
  • Dis-robe and re-robe packs (temporary clothing after decontamination) 

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