Community Engagement, Equality and Diversity (CEED)

Understanding and showing our commitment to Community Engagement, Equality and Diversity (CEED) is paramount to Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service as we move along our improvement journey to be a high-performing, modern and inclusive organisation.

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity, valuing diversity and tackling social exclusion. We want to make sure that equality and diversity is at the heart of everything we do.  We believe that strong communities are places where people feel safe, where the environment is welcoming, where they feel able to take action for the benefit of their community, where they feel that their concerns are heard and responded to.

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In short, this means a community where everybody matters. 

We have a good understanding of our communities and we work hard to make sure we are tackling the right issues in the right places with the right resources. To find out more about the issues we face and the priorities of our service please see our Service Plan or our Risk Based Evidence Profile.

We have produced a document called ‘Knowing our Communities’ which gives an overview of the work that we undertake in relation to key considerations, such as age, disability, rural isolation and poverty, race and faith and sex and sexual orientation.

As part of Cornwall Council, we are committed to the Council’s overall equality and diversity framework. To find out more about the Council’s approach to equality and diversity and for useful information and contacts please visit the equality and diversity web page. View our equality objectives.

How do we make sure we get it right?

It's not about political correctness or box-ticking, but about making sure we provide the kind of services that are needed, in a way that does not exclude anyone.

We do this through assessing the impact of our services on our staff and customers, by involving them in our decision-making and making sure our policies aren't discriminating against any groups in our communities or our workforce.  This is really important in creating an organisation which is truly inclusive and reflects the communities we serve.

As a fire and rescue service our performance is measured against the Fire and Rescue Service Equality Framework (FRS EF). For further information about the FRS EF and our achievements against the framework please view our Fire and Rescue Service Equality Framework (FRS EF) page.

The services we provide

We need to make sure our services are accessible and that customers are treated fairly and equitably.

This includes:

  • Ensuring the information we produce is easy to read and in plain English
  • Buildings are physically accessible
  • Involving customers wherever possible in service design
  • Using customer feedback to improve the services we deliver
  • Using customer data we collect to check that everyone can access our services and is fairly treated
  • Checking if there is anyone not using our services who should be
  • Ensuring we have considered the impacts of policy changes on different groups of customers

To ensure we consider the impacts on our communities and staff from our actions, we undertake Comprehensive Impact Assessments (CIA’s) for all major plans, projects and policies and put in place measures to address any issues we may identify.

View our completed Comprehensive Impact Assessments (CIA’s)

All information on our website can be made available in alternative formats. Please contact us for further information on 0300 1234 232 or email: