Community Engagement, Equality and Diversity (CEED)

Understanding and showing our commitment to Community Engagement, Equality and Diversity (CEED) is paramount to Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service.

We work to ensure our people fully understand how our core values link to their role. All our employees understand equality and diversity and we aim to maintain a culture which is open, honest and inclusive, where people can be the best they can be, where change and challenge is welcomed and where we understand how to accept and include everyone's differences to make us a stronger team through being celebrated for being ourselves. 

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We have a good understanding of our communities and we work hard to make sure we are tackling the right issues in the right places with the right resources. 

Our specific equality objectives sit across our priorities demonstrating this is integral to the delivery of our service, and we are undertaking specific activities aligned to these objectives. 

To see our priorities and objectives, view our Service Plan and the Risk Based Evidence Profile

Our core values are:

  • Services to Our community
  • Improvement
  • Diversity
  • People

Our core values define what we are all about as a Service and CEED defines the ethics of how we deliver what we do.

Diversity is what defines who we are - We are all different!

Diversity of thinking, ways of working, ideas, resilience. Everyone feels comfortable to come to work feeling 100% respected and valued for being who they are. We know that recognising our differences and being diverse helps us deliver the best service for our communities.

Positive action is when an employer takes steps to help or encourage certain groups of people with different needs, or who are disadvantaged in some way, access work or training or under-represented. Positive action is lawful under the 2010 Equality Act.

In line with our equality objective, we aim to “Improve the number of applications we receive for careers within our service from underrepresented people, specifically from women, people from a Black and Minority Ethnic origin and people who identify as LBGBTQI+.

Why Positive Action?

A workforce that reflects the diversity of its local communities inspires confidence and makes it easier to access those at most risk and to deliver our health, safety and wellbeing safety messages in a way that is easily understood.

As we have said, having difference in a team is so important to create new ways of thinking and having different points of view, it keeps an organisation alive with ideas and innovation.

Our main focus is around changing the perception of the role to ensure the diverse role of a firefighter is promoted. 

The Service is driving and supporting the National Fire Chief's Council (NFCC) and government agenda for a change to workforce diversity under the “Join the Team” national campaign.

To ensure we consider the impacts on our communities and staff from our actions, we undertake Comprehensive Impact Assessments (CIA’s) for all major plans, projects and policies and put in place measures to address any issues we may identify.

View our completed Comprehensive Impact Assessments (CIA’s)

Our Community Engagement Equality and Diversity Strategically support pledges and campaigns: 

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