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Court Room Drama

Court Room Drama is a workshop based on the consequences of arson, where year 8 students take on the roles of witnesses, judge, jury, criminal and prosecution. They run a court room drama scene where a wheely bin has been set on fire. The prosecution show physical evidence and CCTV footage showing the crime.

The jury which is made up of the students of the class make the decision of guilty or innocent based on the evidence and then the judge decides on the sentance for a guilty verdict. As a workshop, discussions are held over the consequences of arson to the community, emergency services and how it affects the criminal and their future prospects.

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Court Room Drama works alongside Prison Me! No-Way! which is a highly acclaimed multi-agency programme which consists of a series of workshops, role plays and drama. It is delivered to secondary school pupils and aims to show factually the possible consequences of becoming involved in antisocial and criminal behaviour. Topics covered include arson, crime investigation, antisocial behaviour, online protection and the truth about life in a prison cell.

The crime and safety awareness days have been heralded a huge success by the Prison Service delivering a variety of engaging sessions including investigating crime, the justice system, staying safe on line and off line and prison life.

The days included prison dogs, prison officers, Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service, an ex-offender, a real prison cell and a life-size street set. The programme is designed to drive home the message to students that one moment of thoughtlessness can lead to their whole life changing, while also helping them to appreciate the importance of trust and freedom in allowing them to build a successful life.

Prison Me! No-Way! aims to educate young people about the causes, consequences and impact of crime, the impact of anti-social behaviour upon them and their communities, manage risk and deal with life challenges, help children and young people to stay safe online, prevent child sexual exploitation and prevent more young victims of crime. National studies of Prison Me! No-Way! have shown that the initiative helps shape positive attitude and behaviour and lessons learnt have subsequently been put to practical and positive use by young people.

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