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Action plan and response to HMICFRS

Message from Chief Fire Officer Paul Walker QFSM; MSc; FIFireE

I am pleased to share our July 2018 HMICFRS Inspection report which was published on the 20th December 2018. Alongside the report you will see the HMICFRS summaries of our Effectiveness, our Efficiency and how we treat our people alongside my thoughts as Chief Fire Officer in relation to these three HMICFRS inspection themes. We have also summarised areas for improvement and those identified as good practice to support our continuous improvement.

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I have also published a letter received from HMI Wendy Williams on 2nd August 2018, which summarised five areas which collectively represented a cause for concern for the HMI following their July inspection. The HMICFRS Team revisited us in October 2018 and their findings are summarised in a subsequent letter published alongside our report in December 2018. Alongside this I have published our Action Plan to address these areas of concern with many action completed and signed off by our HMICFRS Action Plan Governance Board which include Fire Authority, Chief Fire Officer and Strategic Director representation from Cornwall Council as well as National Fire Chiefs Council and Local Government Association Board Members.

I am keen that we remain open and honest with residents, businesses and visitors to Cornwall to support a greater understanding of what you can expect from your fire and rescue service which is clearly outlined in our IRMP. Cornwall’s unique geography, rurality, fluctuations in visitor numbers and demographic profile provides a challenging risk profile. I am confident our resources and equipment are in the right locations and my colleagues across the service are competent, dedicated and professional to provide the best fire and rescue service they can.

I welcome our HMICFRS report and recognise the value it adds to our continuous improvement journey to support us effectively and efficiently manage the risk from fires and other emergencies across Cornwall.

A summary of the five areas can be seen below.

View the full Action plan and our response to keep up to date with our progress.

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1. Better use of digital platforms - In progress

We are in the process of replacing our mobile data terminals with up to date units and technology.

2. Learning from our incident responses - In progress

Feedback processes and shared learning is in development to be consistent across the Service.

3. How we respond to fires and other emergencies - In progress

New training in incident risk assessments, decision making and command is being implemented.

4. How quickly we respond to primary fires - In progress

Communication links between Critical Control and Stations is being upgraded throughout 2019.

5. Safeguarding process - Completed Dec 2018

Update staff training in recognising and referring vulnerable adults and children. View the Safeguarding Adults Strategy for further evidence.

For full details on each of the above areas of work please view the full Action plan and our response.