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How we're performing

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As with all other local authority departments we, as a fire and rescue service have to report annually on a wide range of performance indicators. To ensure we achieve what we set out to in our Service Plan. We monitor our projects, performance indicators and risks on a regular basis so that we can capture updates against progress. These updates help senior management to target areas of poor performance, identify the reasons behind them and then commit resources to rectify these. They also help to pinpoint areas of good performance so that we can celebrate our achievements.

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We review the updates on a monthly and quarterly basis and use this at our leadership team meetings to understand where issues may be arising. Key projects and performance indicators are also reviewed by our Corporate Leadership Team and published to ensure transparency. These performance reports and appendices are available to view here:

Annual Statement of Assurance

Service Plan

We internally review and publish performance information on a monthly basis and revise our priorities and objectives accordingly. Performance is benchmarked against our peer fire and rescue authorities (those that are of a similar size and nature). 

Annually, statistics relating to operational activities are compiled and submitted to the Home Office. View the links below for more information: 

Effective engagement is a continual process and is an essential part of our development process, central to shaping the future of the service. This is achieved through involving our community, staff, elected Members and partners throughout the development of our plans. This two-way communication process provides us with the opportunity to inform people about the services we provide and to involve them in shaping our plans, allowing us to become a more integrated service within the community.

We are also required by the National Framework document for fire and rescue authorities to consult on our Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP), which sets out our plans over a three-year period. As part of this process we visit our communities, staff, elected Members and partners, to ask for their views on our plans and empowering them to make decisions on what we will be doing to tackle our priorities over the next three years.