Training and capacity building

Devolution means greater local control and responsibility for a community service or asset. This in turn means that local groups and bodies require additional skills or training to support them.

Cornwall Training and Capacity Building Partnership

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The Cornwall Training and Capacity Building Partnership has been established to support Cornwall Council’s ambitious Devolution Programme to enable local communities to have greater influence and responsibility and have a greater role in the delivery of local services.

As part of the Council's work to increase the capacity of groups working at a community level in Cornwall, we are keen to open up opportunities for them to access training and development opportunities.

Cornwall Training and Capacity Building Partnership Terms of Reference

The organisations listed below have expressed an interest in providing training to support the devolution programme and can offer training and capacity building courses for town and parish councillors and clerks and voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.

Please contact the training providers for more information:

Cornwall Council Learning Hub

Town and Parish Councils can have access to Cornwall Council's online Learning Hub, which has a large range of online e-learning courses. 

We will provide one log on per local council clerk and further log ons will cost £10 each.

For more information and to register as a user, please email: or phone: 01872 324540 providing your name, council and email address.

Cornwall Council Learning programme

Cornwall Council also has its own range of training and short courses which can be accessed via our Learning and Development page, which also has details of charges and how to book face to face training and courses.

Cornwall Council learning catalogue

We offer a range of courses from skills development, safety and wellbeing, information technology, and project management to managing information. Costs for our face to face courses are:

  • Half day classroom based courses - £40.00 per person
  • Full day classroom based courses - £70.00 per person
  • Two day classroom based courses - £140 per person

If you would more information about face to face courses please email: or phone: 01872 324540.

e-Learning solutions

We provide our e-learning packages via the internet: access for one person from each town or parish council or voluntary/community organisation is free of cost, access for each additional person is £10 per licence which provides access to the whole suite of online e-learning courses.

If you would like to be able to access the learning and development training and courses on our website please email: or phone: 01872 324540.

Accredited courses, bespoke learning and e-learning solutions

Charges for accredited courses can vary depending on your requirements and we can also provide bespoke learning and e-learning courses, for a range of subjects, including:

  • Equality, diversity and safeguarding
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Information technology
  • Leadership and management

More information

Please contact the Council's Learning and Development team for details of accredited courses, costs and how to book or access the online e-learning:

Phone: 01872 324540

The Cornwall Association of Local Councils (CALC) also delivers training throughout the year. Details of their courses and how to book can be found on the CALC website.

In addition, there is a Cornwall Learning Partnership, which supports employers and the workforce in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and works in partnership with:

  • Business Sectors
  • Voluntary and Community sector
  • Private training providers
  • Colleges