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Intermediate Body

View a transcript of the European Funding animation video.

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Cornwall is now one of only a few areas that have Intermediate Body (IB) status which means that we now have control over the way that European funds are spent in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, something that was previously agreed in Whitehall.

IB status gives us local control over setting the criteria for any EU funding applications, making sure local people and businesses benefit most from the funding available. With money being spent on things that matter to people locally.

There are two parts of EU funding the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund

European Social Fund

The social fund focuses on supporting and engaging people  who aim to return work and those that want to gain skills to meet the future labour market demand.

For more information about ESF visit

Case Studies

Here are some videos that show the impact the ESF has had on people living in Cornwall.

Transcript of above Growth Programme Case Study video.

European Regional Development Fund

The regional development fund has the following priorities areas (examples):

  • Research and innovation
  • ICT access and improvement (Superfast Cornwall)
  • Small and Medium Enterprises support
  • Low carbon (Geothermal funding)
  • Flood and climate change mitigation
  • Protecting environmental resource
  • Sustainable transport (electric vehicles)

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