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View a transcript of the above Energy animation video.

A summary Energy infographic has been created demonstrating the potential of Cornwall's energy future.

Being energy rich Cornwall has the ability to become self-sufficient in energy, and through local control we can keep the benefits of these resources. We have now invested in two pilot new clean energy sources using European funds – wave and deep geothermal – both if successful will be brand new energy sectors for the UK.

More information about Geothermal.

We have now set up an ‘enterprise zone’ to help businesses involved in clean energy establish their companies and employ locally.

Wave Hub

Carnegie wave energy case study

Transcript of the above Energy Case Study video.

The Wave Hub lies on the sea bed 16km off the north Cornwall coastline and has been supported by investment from the Convergence Programme’s European Regional Development Fund, receiving £18m of European Regional Development Funds as well as attracting a combined total of more than  £15m of investment from the South West of England Regional Development Agency, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department of Energy and Climate Change to complete the construction of this huge engineering challenge.

The Wave Hub has placed Cornwall at the cutting edge of testing renewable wave energy technology.  Many predict this will be an important part of the green energy mix and a commercial opportunity in the future.

The future of Wave Hub is an exciting one.  It's world class facilities will continue to attract innovators and investors that will provide opportunities for the people and prosperity of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as well as contributing to the protection of the fragile and beautiful landscape by advancing our understanding of clean energy.

Energy Efficiency

Improving Cornish homes – we have worked with the Government to develop a new way of delivering insulation improvements to Cornish homes, meaning we now have more control over the decisions on which homes can receive this support. The fund for this work is likely to be worth up to £3m which will make a real difference to the lives of thousands of people currently living in cold and damp homes.  This is an exciting new scheme which has been delivered as a direct result of our Deal.

Further information can be found on our Winter Wellness pages.