Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Hayle and St Ives

Hayle and St Ives Community Network

Cornwall’s 19 community networks are the main way we connect with local communities and help them address important local issues.

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The panel discusses issues affecting the community network area, agrees ways to progress them and seeks to builds working relationships between local partners.

Panel meetings are open to the public and the press. Our public guide to community network panels explains how the meetings work and rules for reporting and filming meetings.

The panel includes local Cornwall Councillors and representatives from town and parish councils within the community network area.  The panel can invite local organisations and service providers like the police and health services to join them at their meetings. 

Chair - Cornwall Councillor Lionel Pascoe

Vice-chair - Cornwall Councillor Richard Robertson

The Cornwall councillors for Hayle and St Ives Community Network are:

Allan Hampshire is the Cornwall Council Service Director of Neighbourhoods and Public Protection and the senior officer point of contact between this Community Network Panel and Cornwall Council. 

Parish and town councils in the Hayle and St Ives Community Network area

Future panel meetings

See the Community network panel meetings schedule for dates of future panel meetings.

Panel agendas and notes

Meeting 16 March 2020

Meeting 20 January 2020

Meeting 4 November 2019

Meeting 2 September 2019

Meeting 3 June 2019

If you would like any earlier agendas or notes, please contact the Community Support Assistant (details listed on the top right of this page).

This Scheme is primarily intended to help the small, un-constituted groups who are supporting local communities through the crisis.  It is also intended to help groups whose funding is impacted by the crisis.  We recognise that these groups may often need a way to simply apply for small funds to support their work.

If you represent a group liked this, please apply to your Cornwall Councillor’s Community Chest fund in the first instance.  They each have a fund of £2000.

To apply, simply email your Community Link Officer (CLO) with brief details of your group and the work you’re doing. Please see contact details on the map in this link, and copy in The CLO will then contact the relevant Cornwall Councillors to see if they are willing to support your project in principle and have sufficient funds in their Community Chest to do so.  If it is appropriate to your work, they will also talk to you about the option to promote this as a crowdfunding project on the Crowdfund Cornwall website.  

Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise groups that are formally constituted should first apply to access Cornwall Community Foundation’s Emergency Fund. Cornwall Council has contributed £100,000 to the fund.  The Cornwall Community Foundation fund offers small grants of £500 - £3,000 to charities and constituted organisations in Cornwall.  This covers the additional costs of supporting people during the coronavirus crisis.

Neighbourhood Plans