Made in Cornwall Awards 2017

Made in Cornwall is pleased to announce that we have launched five awards to celebrate the activities and achievements of our members. These awards were introduced as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Made in Cornwall Scheme which was launched back in 1991.

We would like to congratulate all the Made in Cornwall members that have won an award and thank all of our members who help to make the scheme the success it is today.

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Our award categories are:

Contribution to the Community Award

A Made in Cornwall member that has made a positive impact in their local community either by helping a specific demographic or the wider community.

Innovation Award

A Made in Cornwall business that has created and successfully brought to market a product or service exploiting a gap in the market.

Taking Cornwall Places Award

A Made in Cornwall member that has successfully promoted Cornwall and Cornish products beyond the Cornish boundaries, and in doing so grown their business.

Green Innovation Award

A Made in Cornwall member that has made a positive impact on the Cornish environment by introducing an environmentally friendly new product, process, invention, idea, or new way of thinking, working or design.

Rising Star Award

To celebrate any early-stage Made in Cornwall businesses that is succeeding with limited resources.


The 2016 winners were:

  • Contribution to the Community Award:

Winner: Pirate FM

Highly Commended: Family Silver

  • Innovation Award

Winner: Andy Copp

Highly Commended: Grippy Leads, Cornish Clayton Crafts

  • Taking Cornwall Places

Winner: Boddingtons Berries

Highly Commended: Margot Hartley Jewellery, Warrens the Bakers

  • Green Innovation

Winner: Cornish Sea Salt Company

  • Rising Star:

Winner: Kennall Vale Cheese

Highly Commended: The Naked Sheep, Bad Boy Chilli Mash Ltd