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Join the Made in Cornwall Scheme

Before products are allowed to carry the Made in Cornwall logo they need to be assessed by Trading Standards to ensure that they are indeed being made in Cornwall, that the business attempts to source ingredients or raw materials from within the County (with extra merit given to those that do) and that the finished products comply with the relevant UK and EU regulations.  Therefore any business wishing to become a member of the Scheme will firstly receive a visit from our Trading Standards Team. 

Applying for membership

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Made in Cornwall Scheme please complete the application form (below) which requires details of the products you are making and the processes you are using. Once the form has been submitted to the Made in Cornwall office we will endeavour to get in touch with you during the following two weeks to make an appointment to visit. We normally visit you at the premises where the product is made; and during the visit we will verify your application and assist you with any compliance issues you have. (Please note that as well as assessing your manufacturing process we will need to see your finished product during the visit.)

In the majority of circumstances you will know by the end of the visit whether you have been accepted for membership and will be able to pay your membership fee.

Please take note of the Made in Cornwall Scheme Terms and Conditions which are applicable to all members and also the Made in Cornwall Scheme Specification.

Membership fees

The membership fees are as follows (all prices are inclusive of VAT):

  • Initial Joining Fee of £175 which includes registration of one product category and Annual Membership for the first year (please note that there is also an annual membership fee of £70.80 payable every January)
  • Product registration £12.50 per product (please refer to notes below)


The benefits of being a Chamber of Commerce member can be found via the following link: Member Benefits

To apply online for joint membership please visit the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce website which also details the prices of membership after the first year.

Once the fee is paid you will be able to use the Made in Cornwall logo in association with your approved products - our Made in Cornwall price list webpage contains details of costs.

Application form

Apply to join the Made in Cornwall scheme

You can apply to join the Made in Cornwall scheme online using the link above.  Alternatively you can download and complete the Made in Cornwall paper application form and return it to us by email or post.

You will also find a couple of examples of completed application forms to assist you. If the products you are producing are broadly using the same process then please class these as one product on the form. If you are using significantly different processes then please list these as different products.

If you are unsure whether your products would qualify for membership you can complete a self-assessment prior to completing and submitting the application form to determine whether or not you are likely to qualify for membership.

*If filling out forms is not for you then please ask us for help.

Members of the Scheme benefit from:

  • use of the distinctive Engine House logo on their approved products, stationery and in their advertising
  • certificate of membership to display on premises guaranteeing authenticity of products
  • opportunities to attend ‘Made in Cornwall’ fairs and events
  • a newsletter providing details of changes in legislation and other useful information
  • signposting to useful marketing opportunities or sources of information as they arise
  • entry into the online Cornish Lines Directory of Members accessible to anyone wishing to stock Cornish products
  • networking with the other members of the scheme.