Tobacco Regulations

The Tobacco Regulations apply to all shops and businesses selling tobacco products including bulk tobacconists, specialist tobacconists and ‘on-trade’ licensed premises such as pubs and clubs.

  • it is illegal to display tobacco products except to people over the age of 18 years in the limited circumstances as set out in the law. 
  • where appropriate, age checks must be carried out before any tobacco product is shown to a customer who asks to buy tobacco or asks for information about a tobacco product.  
  • it is also illegal to display the prices of tobacco products except in the formats set out in the law.   
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Retailers have to make sure that tobacco products cannot be seen by the public, even for a short period of time, unless a specified exemption applies.

The Guidance for new Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Display) Regulations 2010 is available to download.  Retailers are welcome to contact Trading Standards for further advice and guidance on the display and pricing of tobacco products.