Protocol of Co-operation - Cornwall and Finistere

The Protocol

Cornwall Council and Conseil Departemental du Finistère have maintained strong links since 1989, formalised by a Protocol of Cooperation. A two-year action plan has been implemented since 2008 to enhance delivery of shared priorities.

The 2016-2017 action plan strengthens our focus on common priorities in search of opportunities through European projects, in a context of economic restraints. Support to local stakeholders in creating or increasing bilateral exchanges remains a crucial aspect of the cooperation, but it is also important to enhance institutional links between Cornwall Council and Conseil Departemental du Finistère and deepen new areas of direct collaboration.

Championed by the Economic Growth Service for Cornwall Council and Service Europe et International for Conseil Départemental du Finistère, the Action Plan will be implemented through three scopes of intervention

Encourage an integrated approach between the two institutions

This includes especially the identification of commons topics according to their priorities and policies implemented on the two territories, organising political or technical delegations and implementing a common communications strategy on cooperation

Facilitate the elaboration of European projects and monitor approved joint projects implemented in both territories

With the support from both authorities’ Europe teams, the international volunteer will develop tools to support the implementation of European project and search for funds (first level information, search of new partners in Cornwall and Finistère)

Support local stakeholders in their cooperation projects

Encourage any kind of transnational exchange and partnership between partners from Cornwall and Finistère.

Considering the previous achievements and the interests of the territories’ various stakeholders, the 2016-2017 Action Plan will focus on five topics:

  • Tourism
  • Youth
  • Culture and regional languages
  • Blue and growth
  • Agriculture

The International Volontaire from Conseil Departemental du Finistère will participate in the implementation of this action plan, in the follow-up and development of existing common projects, with the direct collaboration of European Policy teams from Conseil Departemental du Finistère and Cornwall Council.

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