Liskeard Cattle Market

In anticipation of the closure of Liskeard Cattle Market, Cornwall Council has been working with Liskeard Town Council, local Cornwall Council members, and other stakeholders to identify future options for the Council owned site.

The Cattle Market is located at the heart of Liskeard, at the edge of the main shopping area. Currently the site is broadly split between car parking and the Cattle Market area with a number of small retail / workshop spaces along the northern boundary. The southern part of the site forms the Cattle Market which is made up of several buildings and livestock pens.

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In 2016 Cornwall Council commissioned Lacey Hickie and Caley Ltd (LHC) to carry out a development study to look at potential future uses for the site. The aim of the study was to develop proposals for regeneration of the site to provide new activity in Liskeard Town Centre that will increase the vitality of the town and enhance facilities for the local community and visitors. As part of the Study, LHC undertook a public consultation which found there was strong local support for redeveloping the Liskeard Cattle Market site, with 87% of residents, businesses and local organisations, taking part in the consultation, agreeing that regenerating the site would be good for the town’s economy. View the public consultation boards.

The study concluded in early 2017 and since that date Cornwall Council have continued to review the options with stakeholders, discuss with potential investors and development partners, and consider and apply for potential funding.

The work to date has been undertaken in consultation with the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. Further information can be found on the Plan Liskeard website.