Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Coronavirus updates for suppliers

Commercial Services will be aiming to keep suppliers to the Council updated on a regular basis as the situation around COVID-19 develops.

Supplier Newsletter 2

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Who to contact in the Local Authority if you are a supplier that needs support from the Council

As we all know the Coronavirus outbreak is beginning to have a profound impact on every area of our lives, both personally, professionally and economically.

As a Council we have to ensure that supply of critical services continue irrespective of the impact that Coronavirus has. This is more challenging as:

  • Supply chains are going to be significantly disrupted as parts, labour and government restrictions are impacted.
  • Products and services in the UK and Cornwall depend on fast, efficient supply chains, which are highly integrated and often operate cross-border. Any supply chain is only as good as its weakest link.
  • Likely to impact on the labour market, many of the services that the Council provides or commissions are delivered by people. Our whole ability to commission or provide services is affected by the availability of labour and the challenge of operating with a significant disruption to the labour market. This will be compounded by restrictions of travel, extended holidays, prolonged periods of quarantine. Cornish services may face labour shortages and the challenge of operating with significant disruption to labour.
  • There is a risk of disruption to the movement of goods. This stems from lack of labour to physically move materials, but is also potentially as a result of restrictions affecting the unloading and transference of goods.
  • Business risk of not being able to meet the contractual commitments to their customers, whether that is because the business itself is affected or the supply chain.

I am sure you are all starting to consider the points above if they are not already affecting you directly.

Many of you are providing critical services on behalf of the Local Authority to Cornwall, some of these services are not optional and we need to find a way of continuing to make them available during this difficult time.

We circulated the earlier the requirement for you to ensure that Business Continuity Plans are in place and updated to enable you to prioritise your response.

Please do take the time to:-

  • Monitor warning signs and have in place arrangement to spot difficulties around the delivery of services.
  • Have a clear understanding of contractual terms will enable your businesses to plan and prioritise your response.
  • Review how you will address any lack of supply/ supply chain issues that impact on the continuity of critical services.
  • Take steps to ensure that you have a sense of what are business critical services and what steps you will take to meet your contractual obligations.
  • Consider relief from elsewhere as there becomes clarity around how the £330bn support package is distributed.

If for whatever reason you cannot mitigate the risks on your own through the actions above and you need to discuss this please contact us via the emails below. We are reviewing these daily and will ensure that the appropriate person from the Council responds.

In advance of contacting us there are a number of things it would be helpful for you to consider:

  • Are the services subject to your Business Continuity / Emergency Plan
  • Being clear about what support you need from the Council? This may include for example changing payment terms.
  • What contractual terms/ provision may need to change or invoked to keep critical services moving?
  • How you could assist the Council’s wider Covid-19 response? E.G redeployment of workers.

We know these are difficult times and we continue to appreciate your support in working to achieve the common goal to keep critical services moving for the people of Cornwall.

In the meantime though if you have concerns around your ability to deliver critical services please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If for whatever reason you cannot mitigate the risks on your own through the actions above and you need to discuss this please contact us on the emails provided.