Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

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Submitting Paper Applications by Post

We would like to make you aware that during the current Covid 19 situation, none of the local area offices are taking in post (either hand delivered or delivered by Royal Mail)

If you are unable to submit your application electronically, then please send to:

Cornwall Council - Building Control
PO BOX 676

Thank you for your co-operation during this difficult time.

Building Regulations - Temporary arrangements for Site Inspection Notifications

As a result of the Government’s announcement of measures to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, it has been necessary to review our current inspection arrangements for works under construction.

You will have received your project specific site log which indicates the inspection stages that you should notify us of during construction. Please ensure that you notify us at commencement and when all other inspection stages have been reached. Please get in contact on 01872 224792 if you need a further copy of this or more information.

Please continue to notify us of each inspection stage by sending an email to  or ring 01872 224792 (option 1). Please include a phone number in the email so that we can make contact with you about the visit.

You will be asked whether anyone at the site has been advised to self-isolate or has recently returned from overseas travel to an affected area. We will decide on a case by case basis whether a site inspection is essential and we will contact you if we are unable to attend.

These temporary arrangements will remain in place until such time that the Government advises us that normal business arrangements can resume.

Another succesful Event at the Eden Project on the 04 March 2020

A big thank you to all of our customers,exhibitors and presenters for supporting our annual CPD event and making it the success it is.

Here are a few photo's from the day:


LABC South West Building Excellence Awards 2020

Entries are now closed and Awards are dependant on COVID issues.

Information will follow once we know more.

Have you and your clients worked on outstanding projects in 2019 that deserve recognition? Or maybe you noticed that a local builder or a site agent consistently produces great results and they should be awarded for their achievements?

Here are three reasons why you should enter them into the LABC South West Building Excellence Awards 2020.

  1. Establish Credibility - Give your clients opportunities to showcase their work and help them get recognised within our industry.
  2. Build Customer Loyalty - Involve your clients in the application process and strengthen your working relationships to help secure repeat business
  3. Generate New Business Leads - Attend our awards evening to network and meet potential clients.

How to enter

Follow our easy step by step guide on how to enter. Initially you will need to register your entry.  You will then receive an email from Submittable (the website hosting our entry form), with a link to create an account and start your entry.

Complete the form as fully as possible and explain why the project, company or construction professional should win. Don’t forget to include good quality
pictures to showcase the project at its best!

Entry deadline was on Friday 14 February 2020.

Approved Inspector insurance - what you need to know

LABC is aware of four private Approved Inspectors (AIs) whose professional indemnity insurance has expired meaning they cannot continue to lawfully operate. The largest of these is Aedis who have many thousands of customers. In some cases the Approved Inspector (and particularly Aedis) have tried to pass work in progress on to another private building inspector. This is illegal.

What to do if your approved Inspector no longer has the insurance cover required to trade

The procedure is as follows:  

  1. Either the AI or the person carrying out the works (the builder) must cancel the existing Initial Notice lodged with a local authority.  
  2. If work has started on site, any work not covered by a lawfully issued Final Certificate must - by law - be passed back to your local council to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.  Only if work has not started then another AI can submit an Initial Notice for the work.  
  3. You will have to complete a Reversion Application as agreed with your local council and fill in a copy of Form 7 under the Approved Inspector regulations which cancels the Initial Notice submitted by the AI. These should be available on your local council's website.  
  4. When work is ‘reverted’ to a local LABC team in this way, you will need to provide them with as much information as possible to help them determine the work so far complies with the relevant regulations. All local authorities are obliged by law to levy a fee for work that is reverted to them but this fee will be individually assessed based on the size of the project and the amount of time needed to determine compliance with the Building Regulations. So any information you have about inspections undertaken so far, plus any building plans, structural calculations or photographs of the work in progress will be of great assistance and may help to limit LABC fees.  
  5. The LABC team will then assess all of this and advise you of the next steps in the process and any applicable fees.  
  6. If your LABC team cannot ascertain compliance with particular parts of the work they may have to ask for certain works to be uncovered for inspection. It is always LABC's aim to keep this to a minimum.

LABC understands there are a lot of people (including thousands of homeowners) now out of pocket and facing the prospect of having to open up works previously inspected by a private inspector. 

Unfortunately it is a situation out of our control and we expect further cases of Approved Inspectors being denied renewed insurance. Dealing with reversions from Approved Inspectors is a statutory duty of local authorities – the Approved Inspector’s ability to trade and the issue of any previously paid fees is outside our remit or control.

Complaints related to the behaviour of any Approved Inspector should be directed to their designated body CICAIR Ltd (appointed for this purpose by the Secretary of State) in the first instance and to the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) thereafter.

LABC is also disappointed there has been no comment made in public by CICAIR, ACAI or MHCLG about any of these issues despite LABC providing detailed examples of what was happening.

Public service building control teams are there to assist you through the process so that you can attain a Building Regulation Completion Certificate and have building works that comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations.

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We have updated our Privacy Policy which details how we manage your data.

Registered Construction Details

The LABC has launched a suite of 250 Registered Construction Details (RCDs) to help you combat the problem of cold bridging in construction that will minimise heat loss through the weak junction points in a building’s outer envelope. 

Site inspections

We are focusing on providing our customers with excellent customer service. Our commitment is to make sure that your Building Control experience is stress free and undertaken in an efficient and reliable manner.

To help us to achieve this, we have now changed the notification period for booking site inspections. Instead of the “booking on the day” system, please contact us before 5pm on the day before you would like the inspection.

Tel: 01872 224792, option 1
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Building Control provide training regularly across Cornwall. These include updates on changes to the Building Regulations. If you would like bespoke training on the Building Regulations or relevant topics please contact us to discuss your requirements.